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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:32

Sakura Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We produce and supply overall bedding products in a timely manner

We can accommodate everything from small-lot production to large-scale production
Among the top futon sales volumes in Japan
We offer futon production 

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Production of feathers, synthetic fibers, wool, and camel bedding
Feather futons: Supplying safe and secure products with the latest equipment
Using the steam and dry equipment that we introduced in 2018, we apply 120℃ heat treatment to purchased feather raw materials before commercialization.
Our thorough quality management ensures the provision of reliable and safe feather futons.
We also offer sales of “feather futons” and “futon mattresses.”
Synthetic fiber/wool/camel futons
Depending on customers’ requests, we can produce futons made from various materials other than feathers.
Consultation on sewing design is also available.
Futon with solid cotton: Triple-layer structured mattress
Our factories are fully equipped with solid fiber manufacturing equipment 
We offer quick product supply, when needed and as much as needed
It can be used in a set with a futon.



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