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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:04

WaveFront Co., Ltd.

We support the manufacturing industry from the perspective of simulation, from R&D to design, manufacturing, and maintenance.

We can assist customers with our in-depth knowledge about specific fields such as plasma and positive-displacement pumps.
We develop systems, and also provide consulting services that cover the business activities of our customers.
Our analysis involves calculations that other companies cannot perform.


Sales Pitch

We provide analysis systems mainly to customers in the manufacturing industry.
We also provide technical consulting on plasma.
We develop and offer our own packaged software for plasma analysis, which is rare in Japan. Although many companies do not provide technical support for plasma analysis, we respond to inquiries about how to use our software, and also assist our customers in modeling or interpretation of the analysis results.(*)

*: If such assistance requires extensive time and effort, additional fees will be incurred.
We also assist our customers through the cumbersome process of preparing for machine learning.
Machine learning has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, but to prepare a model for machine learning, it is necessary to organize data for modeling. Unfortunately, in many companies this kind of data organization is usually not done, which often becomes an obstacle to the success of a project. We can help our customers by assisting them through the cumbersome process of making such preparations.
Also, we have nearly thirty years of experience in Python programming, so we have more knowledge in this area than other companies.
We provide total support in the field of facility management, from preparing ledgers to installing systems and understanding the rationale for maintenance.
When planning the installation of a facility management system, it is necessary to examine workflow and maintenance methods in addition to managing the facility ledger.
We provide this kind of consulting service in addition to providing standard system installation.

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