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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:42


Creating New Value with IT x IoT x AI x UI

Our company specializes in software development that integrates IoT, AI, and UI (design) perspectives. We have released an AI-based speech analysis application called “Steach” and are now accepting applications from companies that can participate in our demonstration experiments. Please try the free lite version first. (

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Sales Pitch

Business description
System Development with IoT
From manufacturing to service industries, our company can develop products using IoT regardless of the industry. In IoT, it is essential to determine what data to acquire from what sources and how to accumulate and utilize the data. We can propose an integrated solution covering the data acquiring sensors and data accumulation and utilization.  
Data Utilization with AI
Although AI utilization is becoming prevalent in various situations, it is not a universal solution, but rather a means to solve some problems. We provide the best solutions to the challenges that our customers are facing, providing AI not as an end in itself but as a solution to those challenges.
Web/App Production and Their UX/UI Designs
An essential role of websites and applications is to communicate the product’s or service’s existence to customers who are looking for it. We create websites and applications with a focus on helping customers understand the product’s or service’s background and story and promoting them effectively.
"Steach," an AI-based Speech Analysis Application
Outline of Steach
Steach allows you to analyze and evaluate speech videos that you have taken with a smartphone or PC using an AI engine. By giving an objective evaluation rather than just a subjective feeling, it helps you improve your “speaking style” efficiently.
Steach's Analysis
Steach analyzes the video footage with machine learning and quantifies “speaking speed,” “posture,” “hand movements,” “gaze,” and “blinks” from the video. It even converts your speech into text if you turn on the microphone.
Applications of Steach
Besides the simple speaking exercise, you can also use Steach to check your learning comprehension and practice for interviews.

[Training/Educational Support]
Customer support training in an enterprise setting tends to be one-way communication by the lecturer (or the person in charge of training). With Steach, the lecturer can repeatedly ask the trainees about what they have learned and make them think by answering. It can be a shift from traditional input-oriented learning to output-oriented learning. The application is also effective in one-to-many training sessions because the lecturer (person in charge of education) can check the answers of each trainee in turn and provide feedback.

[Hiring Interviews/Interview Practice, etc.]
Interviewing each candidate can be challenging for the hiring company, and Steach can help you improve your hiring efficiency. The interviewee can also use Steach to efficiently improve their behaviors, such as gaze, posture, body language, and the speed and content of speech, which are often evaluated in hiring.