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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:19

Zenius Ltd.

We are a design innovation firm for global medical devices. We realize ideas in sound and efficient ways.

Since our foundation, zenius has maintained ties with European medical devices manufacturers who are the world leaders in medical equipment, particularly in drug-delivery systems (DDS), and supported their product development.
Through this process, we realized again that, while Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship technologies/quality are highly praised, there are a limited number of Japan-made medical devices that utilize such craftsmanship.
In reality, Japan’s medical devices market is mostly reliant on imports,
which led to our conviction that domestic development of medical devices originated in 
Japan’s insight and human factors will be more necessary in future.
From front-end innovation to mass production.
With our capabilities specialized in medical devices development, which were cultivated through our experiences in working with medical equipment developments all over the world for more than a decade, we will contribute to medical equipment developments in Japan.

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Design innovation for medical devices and healthcare products
Front-end innovation
By holding open communication with our customers,
we seek optimal opportunity spaces and define them using
cutting-edge tools techniques and promoting creative thinking. This unique service of ours was made possible by our experience in being involved in equipment development in the US and Europe.

“Technical due diligence, a new way of developing new technologies”

​• Exploration of cutting-edge technologies in the world using our unique global network.
• Literatures, patents, medical equipment database, trade press, academic societies, and interviews with experts.
• Technology mapping with useful evaluation axes
• Setting technology landscape
• Defining requirements from technical perspective, commercial perspective, and user viewpoints
We implement the problem-solving approach based on the organized definition of requirements and insights. We create positive user experience through the cycle of concept planning, visualization, prototype making and inspection, and with specific styling and functional designs to realize the planned concept. There are not many companies in Japan that specialize in the designing of medical equipment and healthcare products.

“Positive UX with concept planning and visualization, prototype making and inspection”

• Concept creation through synthesis of user requirement specifications and ideas
• Photo-real rendering
• Basic design, initial prototype making using 3D printers, inspection and detailed design
• Advisory related to design development (consultation basis)
• Support for overseas deployment of made-in-Japan devices
• Document preparation for accommodating USP/EP, such as DMF
Monozukuri Craftsmanship - Trial manufacturing to mass production -
We have helped a range of companies, from major European manufacturers to Japanese venture businesses in transforming any of their ideas into products, thus speeding up commercialization. An accelerated development/manufacturing process would lead to advantages in terms of early market release only if the product quality is ensured. It is one of the substantial values we can offer.

“Shortest domestic delivery, reducing the development process to minimum with quality prototypes ”

• Prototype making, molding, and assembling of devices and containers by utilizing our national network.
• Monozukuri craftsmanship of 3D CAD database: Produced in 2-3 weeks
• Clean room molding
• Import of regular medical-grade materials: Preparation of samples that can be used in clinical tests
 • Precise DFM※, mold-flow analysis is available, with no rework of device design required.
• Inspection of interior structures using X-ray CT scanning ※ Design For Manufacture ... Designs that takes manufacturability into account









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