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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:53

I.M Corporation

We look forward to discussing with you on system development in currently hot subjects such as Big Data, AI, and IoT. We have gathered the technologies of partner companies in various fields to propose the best system for your needs.

Together with our reliability and expertise cultivated through financial system development and the cutting-edge data management technology cultivated in the communications industry, we support a wide range of systems from web systems to business systems, including the stable cutting-edge data management systems, data analysis, and analytical systems.

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State-of-the-art system development utilizing technology and products
Developing our own AI systems
We are currently in the stage of implementing AI based on our own theory. When this mechanism is realized, the following are possible:
Awakened reasoning
Emotional reasoning
Purposeful reasoning
Imaginary reasoning
Core learning
Growth learning
Self learning
Big-data data management system
The OptimusPlatform we handle is a product that makes data management of Big Data for the telecommunications industry simple, quick, accurate, affordable, and scalable.
We process all types of input data formats into various requested business logic and can link data in real time while storing, updating, and loading into all manner of storage.
Web system/cloud development
We can develop systems using various development languages such as Java, Javascript, Python, and C. We provide functions the customer requirements, and we can also propose functions for the customer.
Our company promotes cloud system development utilizing AWS platform technology. Please feel free to contact us.