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We help to maintain lifelines and foster culture

We are promoting businesses including facility management support for electric power, gas, and telecommunications; transportation facility management for aerospace, railroads, and roads; and information management support for private companies, public offices, and municipalities. We also promote cultural property projects, including surveying and organizing buried cultural properties, surveying, organizing and preserving documents and various other materials, and building tourism information applications.


Sales Pitch

Theme search keyword_AI: Detecting deformation of objects and structures using high-definition video and 360 images
Business overview
Our company's services include system construction and data processing handling using a combination of various technologies to meet your requirements.

From various perspectives we are developing our business in three core technologies (GIS, surveys, and design; system development and IT; and image processing) in three business domains (facility management support business; information management support business; and cultural properties business).
Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Aging roads, railroads, and other social infrastructure have become a national challenge in Japan.

In addition, we believe that we are at a turning point in infrastructure maintenance and management methods due to the decline in the working-age population and changes in work styles. This is why we are conducting a series of demonstration tests in collaboration with major road and railroad business operators to explore new inexpensive inspection methods using technologies such as high-quality video, Quasi-Zenith Satellite System MICHIBIKI (GPS), GIS, AI deep learning, and RPA.

Example cases

Construction of a civil engineering structure maintenance and management inspection system
Construction of a tablet system to support on-site inspections
360 images, high-definition video capture, image processing and analysis, deep learning for object recognition and deformation detection (peeling, cracks, rust, potholes, etc.)
Creation of various heat maps from aerial photos and drone images
Hazard prediction using video
*Other services include property organization for structural maintenance, 3D CAD, BIM/CIM, and profiling
*We can assist you with demonstration experiments
Object recognition from high-definition video mounted on vehicles (for business/maintenance)
We are working to save labor for daily patrols, which is a common issue for infrastructure companies that own long civil engineering structures.

In particular, we expect to see a significant reduction in the workload required to ascertain the condition of civil engineering equipment and structures throughout the country to the finest detail.

We have a system for acquiring accurate location information and high-definition still images, a synchronized shooting system that simultaneously records in six directions (up, down, left, right, front, and back), spatial-temporal databases that enable viewing from multiple angles, deep learning image detection that detects structural damage from still images, and a two-screen viewer that allows comparison of past and present conditions at the same location.

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