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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:11

Youworks Co., Ltd.

We are a system development company that is adept at supporting research and development. 

Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo and Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture are known as two of the leading academic areas in Japan with a high concentration of universities and research institutions.  Youworks Co., Ltd. is based in these two cities. We receive requests from universities/reserach institutions, particularly our local clients, for research and development support using IT. (Please see our business achievements here. → In addition to common system development and software development, we are adept at image analysis, statistical processing, and smartphone application development, and we support cutting edge research in biology and other fields through IT.

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Why we are strong in interdisciplinary system development
Experienced engineers in academic system development projects
There is a big difference between systems development for normal companies and the development of research-related systems.  The difference is not in the technology or programming language used.  Rather, the difference is in the information collection/processing skill and ability to offer proposals that are necessary in the development process.  Research and development support requires the "ability to understand the content of the client's research" when discussing with researchers or defining their requests, in addition to knowledge of IT.  It is not uncommon that we are required to read academic papers in specialized fields.  There is a possibility that engineers whose only knowledge area is IT could not handle such an academic task.  Conversely, many of our engineers have academic backgrounds. Moreover, they have experience and expertise that they have acquired through many years of working in research and development support.  Thus, we are capable of building trust with researchers and offer appropriate proposals/development of systems for specialized fields from the planning stage onward. 
Flexible responsiveness owing to a small number of elite staff
One of the reasons that common system development companies, including major companies, do not actively support research and development is increased development costs.  In research and development where one explore new fields, many trials and errors are often required as part of the process of system development.  Not only does each project demand a large amount of labor, but also the expertise gained from it cannot be applied to a larger market. Thus, it is a difficult field for major companies that prioritize efficiency and profit to enter.  In contrast, because we are a development company with a small team of skilled staff, we can be relatively flexible regarding the development cost.  Moreover, Youworks Co., Ltd., prioritize the building of long-term partnerships with our customers instead of short-term profit.  This means that we can accommodate the needs of researchers without compromise, and offer high quality systems. 
Extensive IT technology for both hardware and software
In recent years, system development companies that specialize in the development of online systems are increasing in the IT industry. However, not all the research and development support required can be accommodated by web-related technologies.  There are also cases where legacy technologies are used in, for instance, a customer's server system, which means there will be more cases where embedded software development will be required following future developments in IoT. The strength of Youworks Co., Ltd., lies in the basic technical abilities that we apply to both software and hardware development, instead of specializing in a specific technology.  We are capable of offering advanced solutions flexibly because we emphasize the essence of IT technology instead of blindly following the latest trends. 

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