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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:23

Koushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Competitiveness with plastics

Centering on plastic, integrated processing from die and mold making, molding, coating, thermal welding to assembling. In addition to parts, we produce complex assembled products and electric models. Medical equipment, BOX for substrates, drinking equipment, furniture, and construction parts/products From high-mix low-volume products to mass production, including prototype making, coating, plating, and assembling, please leave all to us.

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Sales Pitch

In-house developed products
Hands-free door opener
The product enables to open/close the door without touching the doorknob.
It was developed with the aim to reduce the virus infection rate from doorknobs. While it is not possible to diminish the infection risk to zero, the product is expected to reduce the risk of direct contact infection via hands.
Service contents
Design and mass production of plastic products
Through the process from die and mold making, production of plastic parts, post-processing, such as coating to assembling, we manufacture finished products. In the design process, we determine the shapes by making prototype with 3D printers. In addition, we can also accommodate assembling for a mix of different materials, including springs.
Production of extremely small lots of plastic products
After the customer confirms the data of the design created in 3D based on his/her request, we conduct production (covers) using 3D printers.
Model making (PoC, for experiments, for models)
Participating in companies’ technological development from the planning stage in the form called “PoC,” we work with the production of models for examinations and presentations. This enables us to provide support covering from upstream to downstream services, speeding up the product development process.

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