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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:34

TAIYA Co.,Ltd.

“I finally found what I was looking for.” This is the store you find such excitement.

Taiya has a wide range of products, from bargain office supplies to specially designed stationery, waiting for you.


Sales Pitch

[Business Description and Features]
・Wholesale business: Packaging materials, auxiliary packaging materials, equipment, paper, and stationery
・Repair and maintenance of equipment
・Retail business
・Planning, sales, and design production: Packaging materials, auxiliary packaging materials, and stationery
[Outline of Main products, Technologies, Products and Services, and Their Use Cases]
We work to meet the diverse needs of customers in a wide range of fields, from food processing plants, supermarkets, and restaurants to general merchandise stores and stationery stores, even from the planning and development phases. Based on our long track record of more than 250 years and past collaboration with more than 500 supplier manufacturers, Taiya can propose products, services, and information with functions and designs that our customers truly need, which is our strength.
[Representative’s Message]
"Let's stop being just a messenger for the manufacturer!"
It was the beginning of a new step for Taiya. You can only understand what functions and design the customers will really need if you are involved in the planning phase.

"It's selling well in Tokyo, so will it sell well in Kanazawa?"
Many foods and daily necessities are released every year. However, to recommend to customers sincerely, you must know the changing seasons of the place and feel the spirit of the people who live there.

"We are bringing Hokuriku's valuable products nationwide and overseas with the power of packaging."
Thanks to advances in packaging materials and the diversified packaging machines and lines, we can now deliver the taste, beauty, and richness of Hokuriku throughout Japan and overseas. Our field has already expanded to the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka.

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