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A trading company with accumulated technology and vast product knowledge that has an extensive technological partnership network

For more than 90 years since we began business as an authorized distributor of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., we have been providing electrical equipment and electric/electronic devices that are essential in business and public offices to customers in the Hokushinetsu region. In addition, we have established a technical division for the provision of in-house systems that enable direct control of production equipment, construct monitoring systems, and offer “design, construction, supervision and maintenance” in facility construction.

Embracing J (information), E (energy), S (system) and K (environment) as our key words for our business operations, we conduct the following business.
Sales of electric facility and equipment for industrial use, and information and communication equipment 
Design, construction, supervision, and maintenance of various equipment 
Development, design, and construction of control and monitoring systems for various plants  

《Main products and businesses》
Electrical industrial equipment
Electric power business equipment (hydraulic/thermal/geothermal power plants, electricity transmission, and transformation facilities)
Energy facilities (mega-solar, wind power, and microhydroelectric power generators)
Facility power supply equipment (uninterruptible power supply devices and emergency power generators)
Social infrastructure equipment (water and sewage-related, smart community-related, and display devices)
Environmental and energy-saving equipment (fuel cells, electrothermal, cleanrooms, rapid chargers, dosimeters, and energy-saving pumps)
Transportation, transport, and hoisting equipment (elevators, escalators, automated warehouses, and multilevel parking garages)
Lasers and image processing equipment (markers, welders, and vision)
Air conditioning and ventilatory equipment (air conditioners and roof fans)
Food appliances (vending machines, tea servers, showcases, and coin sorting machines)

Electrical and electronic equipment
High-pressure equipment, power receiving and distribution equipment, control equipment, opening and closing equipment, and safety devices
Drive control equipment (general-purpose, high-pressure inverters, servo system, synchronized motors, and various motors)
Motor-applied equipment (coolant pumps, various pumps, blowers, wind power, and hydropower equipment)
Controller equipment (PLC, POD, custom controllers, and seat key SW)
Measuring equipment (temperature adjustment meters, recorders, gas analyzers, ultrasonic flowmeters, and level generators)
Detection equipment (adjacent, photoelectric, image sensors, and area sensors)
Display equipment (surveillance cameras and power monitoring equipment)
Power supply equipment (stabilized DC power supply, AC/DC converters, and noise filters)
Electronic device equipment (IC and power semiconductors)

Information equipment
Information equipment (personal computers, servers, terminal equipment, CAD/CAM, and ITV)
Communication equipment (PBX/communication terminals and fire department radio)

Facility construction
Electrical construction/telecommunication construction/piping works/machinery and appliances/construction of fire-fighting facilities

System development and design
Electric power control system/plant monitoring systems/production management systems/information processing systems/water and sewage facilities management/winding control systems/machine control systems/other management systems

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Sales Pitch

IoT cloud system: Simple management system
Cloud-type monitoring system that enables simple, quick and reasonable IoT construction. This enables the visualization of data at manufacturing sites and remote sites, and the construction of remote monitoring system, in a cost-effective way. No need for server machines nor personal computers. Your smartphone is immediately at hand for visualizations. We have various effects and expertise that we can use to facilitate manpower reduction, cost reductions, and the quantification and analysis of processes.
Please feel free to ask Jesk Horiuchi Co., Ltd., for a consultation.



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