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We manufacture and sell all types of casters for transporting heavy equipment, for healthcare and welfare fields, and so on

We have a lineup of over 1,100 types of casters used in a wide range of fields. This includes casters used specifically to transport heavy equipment, casters with safety features, and design casters for use in healthcare and welfare fields.

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Design casters
Simple, smart, and sophisticated design casters for use in healthcare and welfare fields.
Quiet and smooth rolling
This product features gray urethane wheels that keep the travel resistance and starting resistance to a low level. These wheels enable quiet and smooth rolling compared to conventional casters. They are less likely to leave marks, and they prevent damage to the floor surface.
Easy-to-use locking mechanism
This product provides a central locking mechanism for beds used in healthcare and nursing care facilities, and we have devised pedals that are large and easy to operate even for individual casters.

The basic concept of the whole design casters series is to be quiet, safe, and beautiful to the eye.
Stainless steel casters
Made of SUS304 stainless steel, these casters are designed for use in areas exposed to water.
The wheel sizes range from 75 mm to 200 mm. The availability of a range of wheel sizes makes this product suitable for a variety of uses.
We have built up a track record with this as a product with high durability even in high-moisture environments like food processing sites.
Small heavy-duty casters
This is a model designed to handle heavy loads in a compact body.
The wheel sizes range from 50 mm to 100 mm. The availability of a range of wheel sizes makes this product suitable for a variety of uses.
Equipped with adjusters, these casters employ a unique mechanism that enables easy and secure leveling adjustment.
Conductive wheels are also available, so this product can be used safely in semiconductor production lines.
Double-wheel casters for heavy loads
These casters can handle the heaviest loads.
Casters for use in marinas
These casters are optimal for use in marinas.
These ductile casters for use in marinas are available in three sizes: 200 × 90, 250 × 90, and 300 × 100. Wheels are available in two types: rubber and urethane.
Water-resistant coating is applied to both metal parts and wheels, and major parts are made of stainless steel to improve rust resistance. The casters come with grease nipples to ensure great maintainability.

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