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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:11

Daimaru Steel Industry Corporation

Integrated production from large-scale pressing and sheet-metal manufacturing to machine processing.  We are particularly adept at bending large workpieces. 

We offer an integrated production that covers everything from the bending of large parts to drawing, sheet metal welding, and machining.  We are particularly adept at large-scale bending using 5000-t deep drawing presses and duplex 2500-t benders that are capable of bending workpieces of up to 15 m. In addition, we manufacture stainless steel fuel tanks and domestic emergency water tanks called "Mizugame Kun" as our own products. 

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Products/processes offered
There are materials wherein the thickness and hardness of each piece is different within the standard. We can process them into products with consistent measurements and angles. 
We conduct interviews about welding shrinkage and warping caused by post processing to respond to them by adjusting the final measurement and extent of angle. 
Can welding processing
We start by determining the material measurement suitable for the purpose, while taking into account factors such as the effect of heat from welding. 
We also pay attention so as to ensure the measurement and appearance quality will be suitable for use by the customer. 
Machine processing
Large-scale five-sided machining [MVR40-EX]
The 3 m × 8 m auto pallet changer (APC) enables 
the largest processing sizes and precision in the Kanto Region, 
and flexible delivery. 
SUS tank
We are known for excellent durability and beauty, and we provide products that satisfy the safety demands of our time through our reliable skill and honesty. 
We can apply scale finish to all standard square tanks and GALAXY drum tanks in our diverse lineup. 
We are capable of accommodating special customization to meet our customers’ demands with quick delivery and high quality. 
We continue to improve our quality and skill along with the constantly changing times. 
Emergency water tank system "Mizugame-kun" [Own product]
The skill and passion of monozukuri craftsmanship has realized a product that can secure safe water even when there is a natural disaster. 
Due to the frequent occurrence of large-scale natural disasters in recent years, high standard disaster prevention measures at a personal level are necessary. 
Do you think it is normal that tap water, which you use every day without thinking, should come out of the tap?
Mizugame Kun offer a new form of "water preparation" that goes one step further from conventional emergency stock.
Patent obtained (Patent No. 5661077)
Manufacture of various stainless steel products
We will develop products that contribute toward the society of the future together with our customers by deploying all of the skill and knowledge in manufacturing that we have acquired. 
We have produced containers of every type using the skill and knowledge that we have acquired in our work with fuel tanks. 
We thoroughly understand what troubles our customers or what they are lacking, share information with them and give form to their solutions. 
By carefully accumulating simple things, we will generate a commitment to "the highest quality."

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