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Production of various signs such as labels and metal name plates. 

We produce various forms of marking such as screen printing, on-demand printing, and etching. 
Moreover, we can offer low-cost/small-lot proposals because we are capable of changing production method according to the product characteristics and quantity owing to the fact that we perform plate-making, pressing, and exterior finishing with electric cutters all at our own factory. 
We have produced many exterior labels, plates for the Japanese addressing system and unique local number plates for automobile or agricultural equipment manufacturers, and we can also produce weather-resistant labels. 

We also perform embossing of control panels, 
and we can produce sheets such as membranes. 

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Product information
On-demand printing nameplate
We produce dog registration tags, manner plates, street name plates, town name plates, and local number plates. 

On-demand name plate printing does not require a printing plate, which implies that it can be used for high-mix low-volume printing and include variable information (name and serial number) in its full-color printing. 

The main materials we use are PET, PVC (vinyl chloride), and metals. 
We sculpt various metals using chemical processing to express letters and shapes.  As it has volume and superior durability, it can be used permanently.  It is suitable for tactile nameplates such as decorative plates, shop signs and product plaques.
Moreover, we can color the etched part without using a printing plate. 

The main materials we use are metals such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel. 
Screen printing
We prepare a plate for each color that is printed in our existing method.
We use screen to print labels that require durability, specified tone or large quantities. 

We can print on PET, PVC (vinyl chloride) and metals. 

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