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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:35:01

ShinSei Co., Ltd.

Design and production of plastic dies and molds, injection molding, metal parts processing, and development and design of medical and electronic-related products.

In addition to prototype and mass production of a range of products from forging dies and molds and dies and molds for ultrafine products, which require challenging skills, we have teams of researchers from all over the world to develop products such as “Steam REVO,” a next generation steam trap, “heartbeat reproduction apparatus for surgeries” and “laser analyzer.”

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From high-difficulty forging dies to ultrafine dies for molding
We engage in die- and mold-making that require precision, for instance, for racing bike parts and camera lens barrel parts.
Molds need to be minutely adjusted after the production is complete, which is performed in the order of 1 micron.
We have complete understanding of the machine’s features and retain and utilize all numerical data about variables, such as materials, heat, revolutions, rotation resonance, cutting speed, and blade tools, which are organized according to season and time of day. For example, we understand the minutest details such as how many microns it moves when the power is turned on ore when a car passes by in front of the factory. This helps us to determine the suitable time of day for each given condition of the processing.
ShinSei Corporation R&D 
In recent years, ShinSei is focused on research and development, working with a team of researchers of various nationalities, including researchers from France, Italy, China, and Vietnam. These researchers have earned PhDs in Polymer Science, material science, IT, and medical sciences and are engaging in for instance development of “heartbeat reproduction apparatuses for surgeries” and “laser analysis apparatus,” to name a few. We are committed to contributing to society by delivering socially useful tools.
In addition to researchers, we work with a wide variety of professionals including designers, photographers, and marketing research specialists. Thus, we can support our customers with “new product development," “technological consultations,” and “sales channel development” at every step from development, intellectual property registration, and production to sales.
Find out the properties of metal materials! X-ray fluorescence analyzer VoXER
Downsizing of the product was achieved using our unique X-ray generation method and vacuum sealing technology. Its main feature is the full consideration given to usability and maintainability. The onboard touch panel makes the operation easy, and with a reliable malfunction prevention feature, consideration is given to usability and safety. By employing the one-touch cartridge replacement method for the X-ray source, its serviceability has been improved significantly and it achieved outstanding cost effectiveness, including the initial cost.

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