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Integrated production of connectors and ultraprecise plastic parts for automobiles. 

We are capable of die and mold design for high-precision parts such as connectors and offer in-house manufacturing, molding, exterior coating (painting, printing, and laser processing), and assembly of plastic parts.  Moreover, we conduct material procurement, production management, and guarantee quality; therefore, your company will not have to perform delivery management and quality control. 
We own a factory in Dalian, China, that is about the same size and equipped the same as our Japanese facility. This implies that we are capable of providing products that are of the same quality as those made in Japan.

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Technology introduction
Manufacturing dies/molds
From minute products such as ultraprecise connectors to exterior products with mirror polishing, we can produce high quality dies and molds quickly in-house that meet your requirements.  First, we design the mold using CAE/CAD based on the product drawing and data supplied by the customer.  Next, our expert technicians finish the parts, assemble them, and complete the mold.  As the quality and productivity of a molded product is almost entirely determined by its die and mold, we have many trained technicians with advanced skills and expertise. 
Molding processing
We own a total of 160 small to medium molding machines (5 t to 220 t), and we can mass produce diverse products in both small and large lots, all in-house. Pelletized materials are fed, the melted resin are injected into the mold in high pressure, and the products that are cooled in the mold are removed.  We have experience in every type of molding, including two-color molding, insert molding and hot liner molding, and we can accommodate every need of our customers. We mold every type of thermoplastic resin, from general-purpose resin to super engineering plastic. Products manufactured under strict quality control, including electronic parts, automobile parts and medical products, have been delivered to businesses in many fields, and we have established our position in this industry. 
Some of our molded products undergo in-house painting, printing and laser processing.  This process does not allow any dust or dirt. The products are printed in our clean room in a strictly controlled environment that minimizes defects and realizes stable quality and cost performance.  Our painting process is fully automated and requires no human staff, enabling the realization of stable quality and reduction of defects.  We have introduced a cutting-edge facility for laser processing. This helps to improve productivity and quality in combination with our image inspection devices. 
We manufacture our product by assembling the control panel for automobile air conditioning systems as a unit. We assemble plastic products that we mold in-house according to a diverse range of specifications for different manufacturers and car types.  Several dozen parts are assembled into one unit. Most of them are plastic products and parts that have undergone secondary plastic processing. This implies that we can add value in-house and offer detailed responses, faster delivery, and smooth problem solving.  As the delivered products are installed into the vehicle directly, quality control is extremely important. Our production is conducted under extremely strict control.  We actively incorporate automated assembly, automated inspection, and jigs to pursue quality and productivity improvement.  Our assembly skill is extremely advanced, and thanks to our training of multiskilled technicians, our staff are highly motivated. Our competent staff have been highly praised externally as well. 
Inspection system
We perform inspection of molded products using imaging cameras.
We are equipped with a system that can detect minute defects that are generally inspected using a magnifying glass or microscope with an imaging camera. 
Cost reduction by utilizing overseas bases
We have established a wholly owned affiliate company in Dalian, China (Dalian Zuishang Century Musu Limited Company), and we have expanded into the local business there with our four factories.  We have brought more than 100 interns in total to Japan. They apply the skills and education they acquired here in their work in China.  All the production in our Chinese factory is conducted using facilities that were made in Japan to ensure the level of quality one finds in Japanese products.  We offer the option to select production site to help contribute to your profits. 

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