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Aluminum sash design and manufacturing, remodeling work, soundproofing, and large-scale repair

We design and construct aluminum sashes and doors/screen doors around sashes, repair and renovate buildings such as detached houses, condominiums, multistory buildings, plants, stores, and offices, and perform soundproofing work.

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Introduction of Services
Aluminum sash related business
We perform construction work involving sashes, such as window glass repairs, door repairs, screen door repairs, and door replacements.
Large-scale repair work
We install entrances, gate doors and pool fencing, and perform handrail construction and shutter repair construction, for apartments, and public facilities.
We handle everything from surveys to estimates. We do not use a middle man, so there is no middle margin, allowing us to do large-scale repair work at a low cost.
We design and construct windows, doors, interiors, exteriors, wet area repairs, and barrier-free environments.
"Hitori-shizuka": Easy-to-assemble soundproof rooms with high-performance soundproof panels 
High performance with volume soundproofing panel and soundproofing glass.
Each panel weighs around 25–30 kg. Thus, they can be relocated easily
For exhibitions and soundproofing of machine noise.

It is convenient to have a soundproof room that can be assembled easily for telework.
We can construct soundproof rooms at your home.

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