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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:59


We are a manufacturer of forged automobile and truck parts (suspension, engines, and mission parts), construction machinery, and construction parts. We also support forging of odd-form parts, small-lot parts, and critical safety parts.

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Hot forged products
We mainly forge automobile and truck-related parts, and the typical parts we manufacture using the forging press are related to gears, drive shafts, housings, and covers.
The typical parts we manufacture using the air stamp hammer are knuckle arms, tie rod arms, and sockets, and we perform forging of odd-form products, small-lot products, and important safety parts.
[In-house equipment]
We have 1000 t to 3150 t hot forging presses and 1.5 t and 3 t air stamp hammers, enabling us to manufacture complex and high-accuracy products. To provide high quality products to our customers, we cover all range of temperatures for forging, including hot, warm, and cold forging and have equipment for various production areas so that we can accommodate demands for diverse products.

In addition, we can quickly respond to urgent orders from our customers or problems with their equipment because we manufacture various equipment in-house, including molds, cutter blades, and equipment repair parts. We use plasma nitriding treatment in-house to extend the life of dies and molds.

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