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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:34

Hokushin Inc.

We provide a range of support, from planning and design creation to printing and shipping

We are a printing and bookbinding company that is adept at textbooks and translation manuals. We can accommodate everything from upstream design, printing of final deliverables, bookbinding, and processing to shipping. Over the 60 years since we were founded, our main business transactions have been with our end users, and we have built trusting relationships with them.

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Sales Pitch

HokushinCo., Ltd.'s dedicated production staff reduce the burden on customers by interacting with them and understanding their intentions.
 We provide production planning and direction in both analogue and digital formats. We provide the most efficient plans possible depending on the product's purpose of use in response to various requests and consultations.
 We handle translation of various languages, not only for domestic publications but also for overseas readers. We provide accurate and fluent translation that is a result of the cooperation between our translation staff and production staff.
 When we give shape to ideas and plans, we will consider the designs that are most appropriate to intended target viewers. We create effective designs that are easy to understand through the application of images.
 Editing is the process in which the printed matters that are passed over from the planning, translation and design staff begin to be shaped. Editing is performed by integrating various materials. We create printing data either from scratch or by converting existing data, either provided in Windows compatible format or Mac compatible format, as is most appropriate.
Cross media
We respond speedily to changes in digital technologies and IT usage in our endlessly evolving database construction support, web planning, and electronic book production, offering effective proposals from a variety of perspectives. We provide one-stop support for customers, ranging from production to delivery, in ePUB production and e-book applications for smartphones and tablets.
  Data prepared for printing can be published on the web without changing the layout and without HTML conversion.
  Customer appeal can be increased by converting brochures and corporate profiles to e-books and cross-media.
Instruction manuals
  By incorporating videos into e-books that are converted from printed matters, online manuals that are even easier to understand can be provided.
Photo albums
  Magazines and albums can be maintained and viewed readily without color fading, and only sample pages and contents can be disclosed.

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