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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:22

Ishizaki Syouji Co.,Ltd.

We are a “trading company” that carry a wide range of home and daily life products based on paper.

We wholesale a wide-range of products to all over Japan, including non-Japanese papers, paper boards, machine-made Japanese papers, special paper, and nonwoven fabric products.
Using environment-friendly original paper, we will contribute to product development in more industries by offering comprehensive proposals, from product planning, development, manufacturing, to sales.

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Business field
Paper Industry Department
We wholesale a wide-range of products to all over Japan, including non-Japanese papers, paper boards, machine-made Japanese papers, special paper, and nonwoven fabric products.
We work with proposal-oriented sales activities through collaborations of paper manufacturers and processing manufacturers, and contribute to product developments in the stationery, apparel, and food industries. For example, using original paper products that are environmentally friendly or by getting involved in product planning, development, manufacturing, and sales.
In addition, we cooperate with processing manufacturers in our home region of Shikoku to propose and provide attractive products, ranging from nursing care products, living ware to business-use products.
Packaging Materials Department
We contribute to Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship culture through offering proposals for packaging materials and packaging equipment, which are necessary for product packaging, and by selling these products.
We sell equipment and packaging materials necessary at each process of packaging, boxing and shipping. Our customers are manufacturers in all industries, to which we provide our products to fulfill their requirements (prices, product quality, delivery, quantity) for rationalization of each process (cost reduction, labor saving, environmental conservation). We conduct sales activities in close contact with sites so that, in case of defects of the delivered products, we can immediately rush to the scenes. Depending on the details of the defect, we may repair machines. We also propose optimal packaging and processing lines by coordinating our customers and machine manufacturers.
Materials and Chemicals Department
Various chemical agents used in the paper and pulp industry are optimized before sales in a manner that suits our customers’ manufacturing and process conditions.
Starting with industrial chemical agents essential for manufacturing paper, there are various products, including those for improving the paper quality and those for adding new properties to the paper. As chemical agents would have different effects depending on the condition under which they are used, we thoroughly study the customer’s manufacturing environment and supply the agent only after preparation at a pharmaceutical manufacturer and lab testing. To meet the requests from business partners operating 24/7, we will provide even faster after-sales services.
Processing business (Kuroshima factory)
Introducing processing machines with industry-leading speed and quality, we work with slit processing of packaging films and bag making for side seals.
Kuroshima Factory is located near local manufacturers, and thus has an advantage of quick delivery, which substantially helps to ensure quality and timely delivery.
Moreover, we are advancing to new fields, for instance by starting the processing of cooking-related papers with our newly purchased cutting machines, in addition to the effort to develop products under our own brand.

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