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“For an abundant lifestyle through coloration” in the printing-related business

Our main business is photoengraving and checking the colors on colored proofs for offset printing, and we have a track record of data processing for a wide range of projects, from posters and catalogs to packages and paper utensils. We currently also handle data processing for printing such as gravure and silk screens. For large-size inkjet printing, we use high color output that utilizes the full RGB color gamut regardless of the CMYK for printing. With the introduction of an output machine and plotter that are compatible with small lots of this paper, we also undertake the creation of design dummies.

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Business content
Platemaking and color proofing
Our company’s main business is platemaking and checking the colors on colored proofs in the printing process.
For platemaking, we perform editing based on the design data, and create printing-specific data.
Moreover, for checking the colors on color proofs, actual printing is done from the platemaking data, and we then check the finish.
By centrally managing these, we can respond to the detailed needs of our customers and realize business efficiency and high quality.
Film thickness management device
We are now able to manage the film thickness in areas such as transparent inks and functional coating agents, including varnishes, that were previously difficult to manage.
Available in a handy size for easy carrying, and operation is also simple.
The measurement results are displayed in real time, so they can be managed at the production site.
Measurement results can be managed even on a PC.
*Patent pending

Main usage scenarios
Paper container-related, sticker printing-related, various types of surface treatment
OP varnish (gloss, matte), UV clear, vinyl processing, press coat
Water-resistant, oil-resistant (for product support), harvil processing (water solubility)
Sliding of empty boxes during auto filling of small boxes (surface treatment)
OP varnish, water-based varnish, silicone varnish, anchor, peeling varnish
Pseudo emboss
Psuedo-embossing by flatbed calibration machine has typically been regarded as difficult; however, we have made more stable psuedo-embossing possible when used together with a film thickness densitometer that we designed.

Using two types of varnishes with different properties, repelling varnish (proof printing) and UV clear varnish, unevenness can be created during offset printing to show an embossed effect.

■Utilization scene
We make the most of our platemaking technology and expertise in offset printing to make plates that support vacuum molding, such as dummy cans and dummy PET bottles for vending machines, which require product design precision.

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