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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:03


We fabricate products (parts) mainly through press working and sheet metal working of iron, stainless steel, and aluminum

We fabricate products and parts by cutting out, bending, and welding thin plates made of iron, stainless steel, or aluminum. We have multiple lines for press working, laser machining, and welding, which allows us to respond to requests for quick deliveries. We excel in CO2 semi-automatic welding, and have experience with many parts for construction and agricultural machines.

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Introduction to the products we develop
Press working and assembly of automobile parts
We manufacture automobile parts, mainly for around car doors. Automobile parts are produced in large quantities, so we are actively working on automation. Processes such as product carry-in/carry-out, spot welding, and CO2 welding have been streamlined by incorporating robots. For production lines, we aim for an optimal layout of equipment that results in the least travel distance.
Press working, sheet-metal working, and assembly of office equipment parts, architectural hardware, and industrial machine parts
Our company's most appealing feature is that we can produce all kinds of products from single custom-made parts and products to mass-produced products. For small orders we manufacture products using machines such as a turret punch press, laser machine, and press brake. For large orders we use press working methods to manufacture products, like those used to produce automobile parts.
Welding is also an area we focus on. We have trained a number of employees in CO2 welding, spot welding, and TIG welding. Trained employees are capable of all kinds of welding work from precision welding to welding of large parts. We also promote automation for manufacturing even a small quantity of products. We have installed a multi-function machine that automates three types of equipment to improve productivity: a turret punch press, a shearing machine, and an automatic material rack.
Design, development, and manufacturing of molds and special machines
In-house development, manufacturing, and maintenance of molds, special machines, and jigs allows us to reduce the cost of equipment.
We have incorporated 3D CAD, which we use to perform drawing and design work. By linking drawing/design data to CAM, we can have a machining center automatically machine parts and products. The use of AUTOCAD allows us to have highly compatible data that contributes to improving communication.
Production and sales on commission from Okayama Forestry Experiment Station
Manufacturing and sales of the "Charcoal Maker", which is a simple, lightweight carbonization furnace.
We manufacture and sell the "Charcoal Maker", which is a simple, lightweight carbonization furnace on commission from the Okayama Forestry Experiment Station. "Charcoal Maker" can make charcoal much more easily compared to a conventional drum-type carbonization furnace. (Patented by Okayama Prefecture)

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