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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:36

Kinds Corp.

We support schematic model preparation for manufacturers.

We boast an industry leading share of the manufacture of installation kits for automotive audio and visual equipment. We have a range of achievements in the manufacture of transport equipment, and harnesses and also in resin molding, and we help many companies to “manufacture and sell original products” by utilizing our design capabilities, including research and design/layout of electrical circuits, our prototyping capabilities, which encompass the production of jig tools for inspections, and our production capacity, covering not only mass production but the creation of instruction manuals, as well as our distribution and transport capacity, covering distribution processing, and through the optimization of overall manufacturing schemes.

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Business information
Transport equipment business
Our transport equipment business department, which engages in the development, design and sales of logistics transport equipment, is striving to achieve total logistics systemization with a focus on the planning, design and manufacture of conveyor lines and other transport lines, and covering the logistic equipment necessary for linking each of these processes. Our transport equipment business department makes daily efforts to provide support to our customers who are aiming to rationalize their logistics operations and reduce logistics costs.
[Product information]
Transport equipment
  We design and manufacture transport instruments that ensure efficient transportation between the production line and the next process without impairing product quality, 
  in addition to transport instruments that are optimized to the shapes and materials of your products.
Carriages and flap carriages
  Carriages that support standing tasks while moving. We provide the expertise regarding carriages that are suited to your purpose.
Transport instruments
  Transport instruments designed to transport products with special shapes to their destinations without impairing product quality.
Storage box and tool box
  We can provide customized sizes
Returnable box
  We provide returnable boxes made of durable materials, such as corrugated plastic, reinforced plastic composite materials and polyethylene form.
Railway goods/original goods business
We engage in the planning and sales of items that use railroads as their design motifs (licensed/approved by railroad companies).

Our railroad product business is born from the Cainz Group’s representative railway enthusiasts. It has grown to one of the Group’s core businesses. In particular, our railway goods for children are perfect for kids who like railways. Not only are they useful in their daily lives, but they also feature designs that make them feel like part of the railway. Thanks to your support, our business has been covered by newspapers and magazines. We are planning more niche, core, and minor products that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.
Cosmetics business
With our theme of “local production for domestic consumption®,” we have expanded our skincare brand using carefully selected materials from all over Japan. The slogan “local production for domestic consumption®” is an expanded version of “local production for local consumption.” It is a coined phrase that means consuming locally produced goods in areas across Japan. With “local production for domestic consumption®” as our starting point, we aim to achieve regional revitalization, job creation, and a society in which women can thrive.

[Camellia cosmetics born in Goto Islands  <De cinq iles>]
Goto Islands are home to a large number of naturally grown camellia trees, from which quality camellia oil is derived. For centuries, camellia oil has been loved by women as a “natural beauty oil.” It is full of oleic acid and has high compatibility with the skin.
“De cinq iles” means “from Goto” in French. Born in the rich natural environment of the Goto Islands, this cosmetic item ensures that you have more beautiful skin 10 years and 20 years into the future.

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