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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:08


We handle resin film and double-sided tape products. 

We sell mechanical parts (processed items of films and double-sided tapes) that are used in electrical products. We also have a diverse lineup of functional films and functional adhesive products, which will contribute to your parts cost reduction. We flexibly select production bases inside and outside Japan depending on the deadline and price.  We are capable of synthesizing several parts into one component to reduce your required man-hours.  One example of a composite part that we have successfully delivered is one that combined the main cover panel of a feature phone with double-sided tape. 

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Product information
[Product example]
Since our establishment, we have contributed to our customers' monozukuri craftsmanship. Today, we specialize in mechanical parts. A list of our main products is listed below. 

[Product example]
• Sealing parts related to LCDs (liquid crystal displays) 
• LCD (liquid crystal display) covers
• Parts used in shields
• Camera lens covers
• Dustproof seal for cameras
• Double-sided tape for fixing parts
We contribute to your monozukuri craftsmanship though our products that use functional film and functional adhesive. 

[List of materials handled]
• Various plastic films, sheets (PMMA PC PET separator (silicon coating and acrylic coating))
• Various sponges and rubbers (Foaming materials (PORON), CR rubber, NR rubber, conductive sponges, conductive gaskets, and other chemical products)
• Various tapes (Various double-sided/one-sided tapes (acrylic and silicon), various protective films (masking film), slightly adhesive films (acrylic, silicon, and self-adhesive), and functional films (optical film and heat conductive film)
[Cost reduction]
By integrating several parts into one component, we contribute to labor reduction. 
(Panel + Cushion + Spacer + Double-sided tape)

[Customer relationship]
Starting with the accurate understanding of customer's needs, we cherish communication and relationship with our customers through the development/manufacturing of products and our after-sales service.

[Providing technology]
Through close contact with material manufacturers, we focus on satisfying the needs of our customers. 

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