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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:52

Tokosha Corporation

We are a comprehensive trading company that deals with industrial equipment, sales of cubicle and LED lighting equipment, air conditioning, and video systems.

We sell industrial equipment, centered on Toshiba Corporation products. We offer LED lighting proposals, construction, and sell air-conditioning equipment for offices and factories, offer proposals in areas such as rationalization using cameras and labor-saving systems, sell heat insulation material with high energy-saving effect, and sell carbon brushes and semiconductor materials for electric machines.

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Lighting equipment field
LED lighting has rapidly become popular in recent times, with people having high expectations of LED lighting to save electricity and energy; therefore, many more installations are forecast for the future.
We aim to meet the needs of our customers by reducing costs and providing comprehensive support ranging from proposals for optimal lighting equipment, from general household lighting to special lighting, such as in offices and plants, to design and construction.
Air conditioning equipment field
We offer energy-saving equipment and a safe, secure and comfortable environment.
We are proud of our sales track record of air conditioners that meet various needs, including for home use and for offices, stores, buildings and factories.
In addition, under the guidance of our qualified personnel, we have established a system that can handle everything from equipment design to construction.
Video communication system field
In recent years, there has been an increasing need for various types of surveillance cameras such as those used for strengthening security for crime prevention and terrorism measures, streamlining equipment to improve operational efficiency, and for saving on labor.
Based on our wealth of expertise and solid technical strength, we not only sell equipment but also work on building optimal systems for our customers. In addition, our dedicated technical staff provide comprehensive support, ranging from construction to maintenance.
High temperature insulation field
As we aim to improve performance and save energy in industrial furnaces in the heat treatment industry, where temperatures are increasing, we sell various types of fireproof insulation that can withstand harsh conditions, including ceramic fibers that are lightweight and have low heat storage characteristics.
Recently we also handle RCF-free products that comply with RCF regulations, and have a track record in selling many products such as alumina fibers, which can support high temperatures and harsh environments. Our highly experienced engineers have an extensive track record in construction.  We also have a track record in overseas export and on-site construction.
Carbon/semiconductor field
We handle carbon brushes for electric machines, which are an indispensable product for various industries, such as electrical manufacturers, iron and steel, power and chemical plants, and paper-making companies, and we also handle semiconductor components, such as SiC (silicon carbide), which is considered to be a high-performance material. As a distributor of CoorsTek Co., Ltd., which has undergone a transition from the former Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd. and the former Covalent Material Co., Ltd., and now has a high market share across the world, we have accumulated numerous achievements over many years and we are highly trusted by our users.
Inorganic permeable concrete waterproof/protective material
As for the effect/efficacy of RC inner seals, insoluble calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H gel) that is produced after the main ingredients permeate and impregnate the inside of the concrete and chemically react with calcium hydroxide modify the concrete to make it waterproof. At the same time, it suppresses the onset of deterioration factors, improves durability, and prolongs the life of the concrete. It is a truly excellent product that retains the texture of the concrete material without changing the design.

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