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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:35:02

YUVI Zokei Co., Ltd.

We reproduce molded objects using our original injection molding techniques.

By casting resin in silicon mold and demolding after the hardening, we can reproduce complex shapes that are structurally impossible to make with methods using dies and molds. The “centrifugal technique” is our unique technique that spreads resin to peripheral ends to enable the reproduction of detailed 3D shapes such as figures and dioramas. We also engage in industry–academia collaboration, in which we have developed “Phyno,” a small communication robot and educational materials for surgery training.

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Business content
Manufacture of casting products
We can accommodate everything from design and manufacturing of masters to high-mix low-volume production using thermosetting resins. Particularly, we have rich experience in clamping jig tools for electric connectors.
Mainly based on casting technology, we provide our customers with our products in units of hundreds, which are produced in medium scale.

(1) Design → Production of master (original)
• Our 3D CAD system is always updated to the latest version.
• Using 3D printers, master production and shape verification can be performed quickly.
(2) Mold production → Cast products
▪ Available for small-lot productions.
▪ The strength of silicon molds lies in the fact it reduces restrictions, such as draft, and enables quick delivery and low costs.
(3) Inspection → Shipment
▪ Also accommodating subassembly.
▪ Products are shipped after inspection, as per customers’ requirements.
Delivery record
• Figurine production
Getter Robo, Yokai Ningen, Galactic Railway 999
• Diorama production
• Production of cushions for safety bars
Major theme parks and entertainment facilities
• Production of jig tools for automotive parts assembly
Major automotive parts manufacturers
Industry–academia collaboration
We developed “Phyno,” a small communication robot through industry–academia collaboration. We conduct business with universities and research institutions.
In collaboration with Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, we developed a model of human brain. We are promoting its use as an educational material in surgery training.

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