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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:14

Kosyo Co., Ltd.

Pioneer of plastic recycling. 

We process/color plastics and recycled plastic materials and manufacture/sell composite materials.  We have experience, compounding technology, and a network in engineering plastic recycling that we have acquired over the 50 years since our establishment.  We also promote the reduction of environmental harm through recycling. 

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Kosyo Co.,Ltd. has been supplying materials to the industry for over 50 years as a specialist plastic molding materials trading company.  To ensure stable supply of high-quality highly functional resin materials, we have constructed our own factory to provide our customers with materials with reliable quality. 

Moreover, plastic waste has become a major issue in recent years.  At Kosyo Co.,Ltd., we believe that exploring effective utilization methods is one of the most important solutions for this problem and we are engaging with it seriously.  A compound made from recycled highly functional resin is used for improving physical properties and strengthening at our factory, contributing to effective utilization of resources. 
Main products and products for sale (various virgin materials and recycled materials)
1 Polyamide resin (PA6/PA66/PA12/PA46/PA6T/PA9T)
2 Polyacetal resin (POM) 
3 Polycarbonate resin (PC) 
4 Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) 
5 Polyurethane resin (TPU) 
6 AS/ABS/AES resin 
7 Olefin elastomer (TPO) 
8 Styrene elastomer (SBC) 
9 Various super engineering plastics (PPS/LCP/PES/PEEK/PEI/PSU)
10 Various compounds (glass fibers, talc, and disinfectant)

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