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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:28

Nihon Shinku Housou Kikai Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of clear packages and packaging machines, proposals for packaging and inspection systems, filling and packaging of cosmetics and quasi-drugs

We can accommodate any requirement concerning packages made of transparent hard resin, particularly manufacturing and sales of transparent packages and manufacturing and sales of packaging machines. In addition, we offer proposals about packaging machines and inspection equipment. We are entrusted with operations for packaging process and filling of cosmetic products and are capable of filling and packaging of quasi-drugs.

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Clear case production
For clear cases and transparent packages, we use transparent plastic materials, so that the contents inside can be seen from the outside. They are superior in terms of merchandise protection, manufacturing cost, and recyclability and make the merchandise more appealing to shoppers owing to their “versatile designability” and “brilliant colors.” Thanks to their easy management and the ability to allow shoppers to easily check their contents, they are widely used for merchandise display at convenience stores and electronics stores. 
We have a track record in consistently engaging with planning and manufacturing of clear cases at our factory for more than 60 years. We take orders both for our original products and for off-the-shelf products.

Point (1): Support customized designs
In addition to the types of rectangular clear cases generally seen in the market, we can produce cases in customized designs. Our staff specializing in form design help our customers by creating designs based on their requests and idea drawings.
As customized shapes strongly attract shoppers’ attention, we recommend using these types of cases for stronger merchandise appeal.

Point (2): Quick delivery and lower costs realized by manufacturing at our own factory
Clear cases are manufactured at our factory in Fukui Prefecture. As we have a system to ensure monitoring from the Osaka HQ and Tokyo sales office of the factory capacity utilization, we are capable of quick deliveries.

Point (3): Rich experience acquired over 60 years
We have been handling transparent hard resin (clear materials) and have accumulated all the expertise about clear cases for accommodating customers’ requirements, such as knowledge about the materials, molding methods, processing methods, preservation methods, and the design and presentation style that stand out at stores.
We can offer advices for trouble prevention and proposals for effective designs.
We pioneered engagement with environmental issues such as dioxins, which accompanied the manufacturing of clear cases.
Vacuum forming/blister pack molding
Blister pack, which molds transparent materials into various shapes, and can be used for products with any shapes.
The molding that can achieve 3D appearance as if shooting out provides an excellent appeal to induce purchases of the product. As it also provides protection to the products, it is used at many stores.

• Blister pack molding that is glued directly to the mount
• Slider blister molding (bending molding), in which the mount is placed by sliding.
• Clamshell molding, in which the product (mounter) is covered with the tray for fixing the product and the molded product, which are folded into two.
In addition to the applications mentioned above, it can be used in various other purposes.
We perform in-house manufacturing with the integrated system that includes CAD designing, molding, and processing. In addition, we produce blister pack sealing machines in-house, meaning that the process up to crimping can be performed thoroughly.

Point (1) Proposals committed to 3D shapes
We tackle shapes that are usually abandoned at the planning stage. 3D objects produced by the proud and skilled manufacturing staff are crafted into packages that stand out at stores.
Please contact us if you have a plan for a shape that you want to realize. 

Point (2) Die and mold making by skilled staff
Dies and molds are manufactured in detail by our skilled staff. We provide products that sufficiently take into account “functionality” and “durability.”

Point (3) Quality control method that ensures high quality
We provide high quality products after thorough checking by skilled staff specializing in inspection. We perform visual inspection on each one of our products.
Foundation refill molding
Foundation refill molding is used to produce plastic containers for cosmetic foundation refilling. 

We also produce original refill molds, clear cases of a size that matches that of the refill mold, and prepare metal plates (minimum production lot is 10,000, quotation provided separately) upon orders.
If the order is not large enough to prepare a new original mold, and if the cost needs to be reduce, our stock of molds are available for producing off-the-shelf products.
Equipment manufacturing (blister pack sealing machine and inspection equipment)
The blister pack sealing machine is a packaging machine used to crimp the vacuum forming and the mount.
The BP series has a substantial delivery track record, and have earned positive feedbacks, including “it hardly fails” and “Impulse Seal has few defects and saves us time and labor for re-inspection. Also, shorter sealing period means higher productivity.”

By just adding image-processing equipment to production lines in operation, quality control functions of the inspection equipment can be improved. We welcome customers who had to give up the adaption of products from specialized manufacturers due to high cost, and those don’t know whom they should contact for ordering general-purpose products. Please feel free to contact us.
Blister pack (existing type)
Using existing “molds” for new production, the cost generally required for producing original cases (“mold producing cost”) can be reduced.
Contract packaging for cosmetics 
With a manufacturing environment adapted to our customers’ requests, we work with consigned package processing for cosmetics and quasi-drugs.
We can accommodate various types of package processing, especially the package types that require our unique technology, such as blister packages.
We offer proposals from the overview of areas from technological development to the production of package lines.

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