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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:16


We offer cutting-edge surface treatment technology such as galvanizing, cationic electrodeposition coating, and barrel polishing.

We have leading-edge surface treatment technology for a wide range of industries such as automotive parts, light-current electrical, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery. We can also support complex treatment such as galvanizing, cationic electrodeposition coating, zinc-nickel alloy plating, hydrogen embrittlement treatment, barrel polishing, and shot blasting.

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Main plating process
Galvanized iron sheets
Our products are used for automotive parts and light-current electrical parts.
We offer high quality products that are less susceptible to discoloration and corrosion, with excellent rust- and corrosion-resistance.
Cathodic electrodeposition coating
Our products have excellent rust- and corrosion-resistance, and there is no liquid leakage or melt through.
Solvents are not emitted, which means the coating method is environmentally-friendly as well.
Barrel polishing
The method gives a high-quality finish when applying surface gloss or adjustments before/after burr removal or plating.
Zinc nickel alloy plating
Our products are often used for automobile parts.
The zinc-nickel alloy plating is classified into three types: low nickel, medium nickel, high nickel. Our company performs treatment using high nickel (nickel eutectoid rate is around 15%), which has the highest corrosion resistance among the categories of nickel.

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