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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:35:00

KAMATA Industry Co., Ltd.

Design and planning of clean rooms/clean booths with high cleanliness, design, and construction of labor-saving equipment

Design, production, and construction of clean booths/clean rooms with high cleanness designed for processing of electronic parts, medical products, and food products and for research institutions. We engage in the design and construction of labor-saving equipment that meet our customers’ requirements.

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Products and services
Clean room design/manufacturing/construction
Solving issues with cleanliness management, chamber control, air conditioning unit and fine particle countermeasures.
We achieved optimal layout designs and construction tailored to our customers’ environments.
Having been approved as the specific construction business (installation work for machines and instruments and piping work business), we accommodate integrated management of works required in new construction and large-scale repairing of cleanrooms and responsibly perform secure and reliable construction services, including for major projects. 
Clean booth design/manufacturing/installation
Clean booth is a clean unit (simple clean room) with a unidirectional airflow designed to clean work area. 
To control the cost of constructing clean rooms, the mini-environmental methodology is employed in many cases, where the overall cleaning of the room is done only to a limited extent and only the relevant parts of the production system is cleaned thoroughly, raising the demand for clean booths even further. 

Company characteristics
• As our products are used only locally, the construction cost of the entire building can be reduced.
• By introducing the air conditioning according to the request, the cleanness at class 100 and class 100000 (JIS Class 6 to 8) can be achieved.
• As the cleanness can be set in detail, our products are excellent in reducing the cost of running the air conditioning and ventilation, saving energy.
• Mini-environment can be achieved.
• Excellent in safety, airtightness and aesthetic appearance compared with the vinyl method.
Design and manufacture of airtightness inspection jigs and airtightness inspection couplers
We design and manufacture inspection couplers to detect leaks at welded parts and joints that may occur during the production.
(1) Attachment/detachment is possible when the object is inserted. No tools needed
It can be connected with a single step just by inserting to the test object, shortening the test process.

(2) Proposals about airtightness inspection jig tools by inspection process condition and test object.
We provide solutions for issues such as bad bonding caused by interference through meetings on conditions with our customers during the inspection process.
We design and manufacture unique product tailored to your conditions including pressure, fluid, connection type, and test method.

(3) Proposals about seal members suited to the test method and sealing method.
Based on our achievements and experience, we provide proposals on seal members and sealing method suited to each test method and the fluid used.
We design, manufacture, and remodel transport equipment, manufacturing/processing machines and testing/experimental machines, and semiautomatic/fully automatic/labor-saving equipment. ”
Based on our experience and achievements in the machine manufacturing field, we will accommodate constantly changing requirements at manufacturing sites. We can offer proposals to accommodate requests at all manufacturing processes, such as saving energy, reducing labor, reducing costs, improving work efficiency, and ensuring consistent product quality.
[Achievements in production and delivery]
Paper processing machines, winders, cutters, automatic wrapping machines, automatic packaging machines, automatic labelers, printers, grinders, filling machines, jointing machines, elevators, and decoration finishing machines
Emergency shower booth
Emergency shower booth refers to a device used in emergency cases where a worker is exposed to a toxic substance, such as organic solvents, to wash the toxic substance off his/her body on-site.
Installation achievements
• Semiconductor manufacturing factories (etching and resist removal processes)
• Soft drink manufacturing factories (autoclave process applied to containers)
• Laundry facilities (processes using organic solvents)
• Chemical factories (mixing and filling processes)
• Iron foundries (acid pickling processes)

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