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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:57

Tokyo Topmold Co.,Ltd.

Injection molding of large plastic articles, assembly, mold making, prototype molding

Our operations range from the manufacture of molds for injection molding to prototype/trial molding and mass production. We can handle thick-wall molding, counter pressure molding, and other molding methods by using all types of materials, from general materials to engineering plastics (high-functionality plastics).

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Injection molding of large articles
We can perform injection molding by using a machine that has a clamping force of 1,300 tons.
We have a 15-ton crane that allows us to handle 10-ton molds.
We perform thin press molding (Gas Assist), counter press molding, and thick-wall molding.
In addition to PP, PS, and ABS, we also handle PPS, nylon, and materials containing glass.
Prototype/trial production
Lately, molded products are increasingly produced in small batches, making the distinction between mass production and trial production increasingly obscure. In fact, we are receiving more and more orders for prototype production from mold manufacturers.
The same can be said about end users. When a product is to be produced in small quantities, end users often ask the mold manufacturer to not only manufacture molds but also take care of the molding process as well. In view of this fact, we have constructed a plant for prototype production where we have all the resources necessary to handle prototype production.
This process includes adding a finishing touch to the molded products and inspecting them.
We carry out press fitting of an outsert, tap working, heat sealing, and ultrasonic welding.
For large, molded articles, we assemble their parts to bring the articles closer to finished products.



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