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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:56


Processing of large-size pressed sheet metals and precision sheet metals (accuracy: ±1/100 mm) is possible.

Processing and welding of large-size pressed sheet metals and precision sheet metals (accuracy: ±1/100 mm) such as housings is possible. We also process springs, piano wires, and spring materials. We can also support from secondary processing to assembly, and we have the facilities that enable us to handle both small lot production and mass production.

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Sheet metal/pressing department
The main products of the sheet-metal pressing department are highly diverse, including sheet-metal pressed parts for heaters, copiers, office automation equipment, building materials, vending machines, and freezer/refrigerator show cases, precision sheet-metal processing of large-size sheet-metal parts such as distributing boards, repeaters, and gaming equipment. Among our products are small precision parts requiring high precision at ±1/100 mm.
Welding/assembly department
We perform MIG/TIG welding or robot welding of pressed sheet-metal parts that were processed in the previous stage to give shape to the parts. We employ the skills and experience of our experts in welding and finishing to provide high-quality manufacturing. We can also perform processing and welding of angle bars, enabling us to produce with freedom housings for power distribution boards and switchboards at low cost, with quick delivery. In addition, we have been adept at processing and welding of wire since our establishment, and we are capable of proposing production of guards, such as for product display cases, home heating products, interior products, and refrigerated display cases.
Equipment capacity that can handle both ultrasmall-lot production and mass production
Having a full range of production equipment is essential for pursuing quick delivery and low cost. We use NC general-purpose machines for small lot production for which die and mold investment is not possible. Meanwhile, we have installed robots on the line to equip it with the capability to flexibly support production from one item to one million items. Furthermore, we strive to possess advanced production technology, establishing a rational management system using original software to drive the computer, to handle everything from arrangement of materials to issuing outsourcing instructions. We established the technology department in the manufacturing division and the materials department in the management division so that we can manufacture products while fully utilizing our cutting-edge equipment and management capabilities.
Cost reduction is possible with total orders from secondary processing to assembly.
We are not only a parts manufacturer but also have a system that allows us to accept orders for integrated manufacturing up to assembly. By accepting orders as total production that includes all the stages up to the assembly of parts for giving the product its function, we can naturally achieve cost reductions as well. In addition, for wire processing, we do not simply perform processing, but we also conduct surface treatment such as plating, coating, and finishing; furthermore, we manage assembly and packaging. We also deliver finished goods as packages. Such technical and management capabilities can be considered as the unique features of our company.

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