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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:10

Super Resin, Inc.

In addition to high-quality and high-precision production of CFRP, we provide support for product development and design. 

We are a manufacturer that specializes in molding using cutting-edge composite materials, particularly carbon fibers.  We have a secure, in-house integrated system that can perform design analysis, material selection, mold production, molding, machining, painting, and inspection of parts for aerospace equipment, liquid crystal semiconductor production devices, and industrial machines. 

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Industry-specific products
Space field
Development support and consigned development of various mechanisms and structures, particularly satellite-mounted mission systems • Development support: Mechanism design support and structure design support
• Consigned development: We can accommodate everything from design and manufacturing to evaluation. 
• Technical support for international technical research and procurement • Precision mechanisms (rotation, pointing, positioning, and launching)
• Structural systems (integration with mechanisms, weight reduction, and hardness improvement)
• Optical sensors, antennas, and RF mission equipment

* These products are used in many artificial satellites including "Hayabusa."
Automotive/transportation field
Conventional parts for automobile structures have begun to use CFRP (density 1.5) to pursue weight reduction. At Super Resin Co., Ltd., however, we use our original foam core (density 0.1) sandwich structure to achieve extreme weight reduction.  Moreover, by unifying different materials through one-shot automatic molding that can reduce steps such as gluing and out-of-autoclave (OOA), we have realized cost reductions. 

• Product example
Outer shell parts (aero parts, roof)
Drive units (drive shaft)
Engine covers
Track cars, special-purpose vehicles

• Research and development themes (excerpt)
Weight reduction with foam core
Applications in automobile structure and general purpose automobiles
Mass production/Automation
Bonding with other metallic parts
Achieving both high coating quality and cost effectiveness
Battery cover electromagnetic shielding 
Battery covers
Fuel tanks
Industrial machinery field
Super Resin Co., Ltd’s expert molding/processing ability for large CFRP products [Autoclave molding]
 We are capable of molding sizes up to 3,000 mm × 3,500 mm with the surface plates that we currently own. 
 We have experience in molding up to 3,500 mm × 6,000 mm
We have achieved processing precision that exceeds the guaranteed performance of the processing machine using our in-house developed special CFRP processing tool. 
Our ability to create flatness in large products using CFRP is 0.03 mm.

• Product example
Industrial robot arms
Manufacturing equipment for liquid crystal/organic EL displays
Semiconductor parts installation devices
Industrial rollers/shafts

• Research and development themes (excerpt)
Rigid design that is appropriate for cost requirements
Large precision processing design
Electrical products field
Thermoset CFRP, which is strengthened long fiber, was previously unsuitable for mass-produced goods such as laptop computer casing. However, Super Resin Co., Ltd. has been conducting research and development to use it for computer casings and take advantage of its weight reducing properties.  Electronic devices require materials to be halogen-free and to have high fire resistance and heat resistance. Accordingly, we have developed a resin that satisfies these standards in-house.  Moreover, we have developed a quick curing resin for mass production, and we have achieved 10000 piece/line/month production using our in-house developed CFRP full automation molding HTC (High Throughput Composite).

About quick curing and fire resistant resin • Quick curing resin that hardens in two minutes, enabling mass production of thermosetting CFRP.  
• Resin with high fire resistance (V0 of UL-94 standard) suitable for electronic devices. 
• By adjusting the types and amount of additives, we have added fire resistance to a quick curing resin.  
About automated mass production process • Impregnation of the fiber base with resin, lamination, and thermal/pressure curing, all automated integrally.  
• It satisfies production quantity, cost requirement, and CFRP appearance design requirements all at once.  

Production achievement • Thermoset, strengthened long fiber CFRP casing for laptop computers (500 pieces/day) 
• CFRP cellular phone covers (30,000 pieces/day) 

• Product example
Computer casing
Cellular phone casing
AV equipment

• Research and development themes (excerpt)
Nonhalogen V0 resin
180 °C heat resistant resin
Functional design that incorporates concepts such as thermal expansion and thermal conduction.
Designability of silver carbon.
Lighter, thinner, and cheaper.
Golf/leisure field
In 1968, we produced the face of the "Tower of the Sun," which became the symbol of the Osaka Expo. In 2002, we began production of goods wagons and ice cream wagons for Tokyo DisneySea. In 2012, we started research and development of full made-to-order golf shafts.  Super Resin Co., Ltd., has achieved many results not only in the fields of aerospace, industrial machinery, and automobiles but also in the fields of plastic arts, sports, and leisure.  We would like to utilize many characteristics of composite materials, such as their high strength, durability, and flexibility, to enrich your life. 

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