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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:13

Mochizuki Printing Co., Ltd.

Special printing technology such as LIMEX printing on nonwood paper and printing that looks 3D.

We can do special printing such as nonwood paper printing and printing that appears to be 3D (lenticular printing). We can also do various other kinds of printing such as FM screen printing, UV printing, silk printing, and flexography. We can contribute to improving the added value of your products.

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Special printing technology
Printing of Limec on nonwooden paper that is resistant to water and has a low environmental impact
Compared with regular paper, we use very little water during manufacture.
  The raw materials are limestone and resin, making our products resistant to aging, and providing excellent durability and water resistance.
The print can be kept beautiful for outdoor posters even without laminating.
  Because the paper does not contain fibers, it is difficult for the paper to cause cuts to hands or fingers, unlike with regular paper, so it can be used safely.
Using LIMEX, which reduces the environmental load, you can appeal to those with a high level of environmental awareness.
Lenticular printing
By combining a dedicated sheet with a semicylindrical-shaped special lens for printing on an offset printer or inkjet printer, our printers can produce expressions that give a sense of perspective, three-dimensionality and movement on flat printed matter.
UV printing
Ink that hardens and dries with exposure to UV rays.
This is used in cases where quick drying is required, and to protect (coating) printed surfaces. Recently, there are many more methods available that add value to a design by applying a partially glossy finish.
FM screen printing
The AM screens that are commonly used are an aggregation of uniform dots, however, FM screens have an expression style that uses detailed random dots, eliminating printing phenomena such as tone jump and moiré, and achieving high-accuracy printing.
More accurate expressions are possible, such as the printing of regular and detailed patterns.
Silk printing
The printing method involves the use of a mesh screen, and ink is pressed through the silk screen using a squeegee. Materials other than paper are also often used, with the printer being widely known for cloth printing, such as for T-shirts. A feature of the printer is that it can even print on curved surfaces.
It is used for printing of cosmetics bottles.
Flexographic printing
This is a letterpress printing method that mainly uses water-based ink and elastic resin or rubber plates.
 Typical uses are printing on cardboard and film. This printing method has been attracting more attention recently because it is environmentally-friendly.

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