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Latest update: 09/06/2023 10:29:24

Yoshino Denka Kogyo, Inc.

We contribute to society with next-generation surface treatment technology

We are equipped with advanced plating technology and production lines, and perform a wide variety of plating processes on a wide range of materials. In particular, our precision chrome plating, in which only a portion of small parts are plated with hard chrome, our two-layer zinc alloy plating with high corrosion resistance (with electroless nickel plating as the base), and our electromagnetic wave shield plating are highly evaluated as essential surface treatments for next-generation vehicles, electronic equipment, etc.

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Business description
Metal plating
We can handle plating processing of various ferrous materials such as castings, wrought materials, and special stainless steel, in addition to non-ferrous materials. We can add various functions according to the use and purpose of the object.
Metal heat treatment
Heat treatment involves heating steel above a certain temperature and then cooling it down to change the properties of the original steel to an ideal material. Methods include carburizing quenching and high-frequency quenching.
Resin plating
Resin plating can be used to add decorativeness, corrosion and abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity, magnetism, and other functions. Examples include decorations for automobiles and home electronics appliances, and electromagnetic shielding for electronic equipment.

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