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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:34:58

KOCHI Co., Ltd.

Company specialized in UV printing and packages

We engage in the packaging and filling of paper boxes, clear packages, assembles, cosmetics, and quasi-drugs. We boast more than 25 years of UV printing, and we take pride in the quality of our paper containers and clear packages, as well as in the competitiveness of these products that lead the domestic market.  By undertaking integrated production from design to final processing in-house, we can provide appropriate quality control, highly attractive proposals, and cost reduction plans. We provide detailed services both in large and small lots.

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Five points of pride for KOCHI
1. In-house integrated production from printing to gluing
Commonly, a clear package is produced by multiple companies conducting different processing; however, we have an integrated in-house production system from printing to adhesive bonding. Drawbacks such as extra costs incurred and insufficient quality control by outsourcing production processes can be eliminated by maintaining in-house production.
2. Medical equipment (syringes and needles) can be handled at the manufacturer's quality level
For many years, we have been conducting business with medical equipment manufacturers, which requires the highest quality, particularly in safety. We are confident that the quality of packages that we provide, which are based on our experience acquired over these years, is high.
3. Over 25 years of experience and achievements in UV printing
In clear package printing, the reality is that registering is very difficult owing to the material’s propensity to expand and contract triggered by heat and other factors. The material is also characteristically extremely difficult to reproduce color on it owing to its transparency/translucency. Twenty-five years have passed since we first started using the UV printing technology. We solved these issues through the skills and experience we acquired over these years, and we are capable of producing vibrant colors.
4. Design technology
All boxes are designed from scratch by dedicated designers. We propose optimal forms designed to our customers’ requirements, such as those for reducing costs and unique forms for enhancing the product’s appeal, in addition to those aimed at improving the product’s protective features.
5. Attentive service
Our sales reps offer optimal forms that meet our customers’ requests.
Their requests include the following: “we need a package that sells more," “we want to simplify our daily work operations,” and “we are looking for further cost reduction.” As a result of such consistent sales activities, we have a list of approximately 1,000 client companies, 99% of which are our direct customers. While there are many contractual and partnership relations in this industry, direct business relation is crucial for providing meticulous services. Based on our experience in maintaining these relations, we pledge sincere commitments regardless of the size of the client company.

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