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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:46

Unitec Co.,Ltd.

Professionals in developing digital-technology-based products 

UNITEC Co., Ltd. develops, designs, and produces various embedded system devices with enhanced touch panel solutions. Using original algorithms as a core, we develop and produce resistive film type or electrostatic capacitance type touch panel controllers. We carry out the processes, which include proposing plans, developing as well as designing, evaluating prototypes, and mass-production, in a one stop manner.

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Description of business
IoT business
-Designing and producing sensor network systems
-Developing and customizing sensor filters and algorithms
Embedded business
-Developing sensing systems
-Developing wireless electrical power transmission systems
-Developing embedded systems
Touch panel business
-Developing resistive film type or electrostatic capacitance type touch panel controllers
-Developing and customizing original algorithms
-Developing electronic paper (E-Paper) systems
Product introductions
Air touch display system 
The system can be operated in a non-contact manner. Suitable for antivirus measures!
Images are projected in the air through a special plate made of resin or the like. 
Performing operations on the images projected in the air allows for the operation of an object such as a touch panel without directly touching it. 
Since the images are projected in the air, no screen is required. In addition, real objects can be placed near the images in the air. 
The floating display is based on the following mechanisms: The beams emitted from an image (or object) pass through an optical plate with a special structure; light concentrates on the opposite side of the plate, at the same distance from the image; and then an image, which is the same as the image on the display, is formed in the air. Light emitted from a point of the display diffuses and is reflected by the optical plate so that the reflected light concentrates on a point that is the same distance as the distance between the point and the plate. Then, the concentrated light forms an image in the air. 
The size of the plate determines the displayed image, the size of the object displayed, and the imaging distance. 
When the floating image is operated, the operation is detected by the sensor, and the detected information is transmitted to a PC or smartphone via wireless communication or the like. Thus, operation is enabled without directly touching an object such as a touch panel.

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