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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:48

Hayashi Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of polyethylene wrapping materials. We provide highly functional, safe and reliable products that are suitable for characteristics of each industry, including the IT, medicine, and food industries, as well as industrial materials, logistics materials, agricultural materials, materials for daily living, and building materials, based on our unique C-MAX Process production management system. 

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Product information
IT industry field
Packing of products that are averse to minute trashes (0.2 μ) such as PDP/TFT displays. 

High-performance packing bag (Bag/film that maintains high inner cleanliness)/permanent antistatic bags
Medical field
Filter materials for dialysis and packing bags for amino acid materials.

Various medical intermediate packaging bags/wrapping for drugs/external bags for medical equipment/films for tablets/capsule cushioning materials
Food related
Packing bags for every stage of food processing. 

Various exterior packing bags for processing/sugar bags/rice bags (we can accommodate lasering on one side/lasering on both sides/punched hole production)/oil and fat bags/liquid egg bags
Industrial materials field
Packing bags and wrapping films for every machine/product that is produced in factories. 

Films for glass wool 
External packing bags/Inner bags for heavy craft paper bags/Automatic wrapping films for common industries 
Logistics field
"ECOTEX," our in-house developed top surface square bag (Used by major chemical manufacturers as a cover for materials that are stored outside and for other purposes.)

Pallet covers
ECOTEX (pallet covers for outdoor storage)
Pitatto (stretch bands)
Large inner square bags for containers
Large inner square bags for plastic bottles (pre-form)
Large inner square bags for synthetic rubber bales
Other various inner bags for freight conveyors
Business field
Multipurpose film that is indispensable for greenhouse cultivation and the growth of vegetables/fruits. 

Agricultural vinyl: [Common agricultural vinyl/transparent multipurpose/colored multipurpose (Black)/multipurpose with holes (silver gray/black)/multipurpose for ridges (sheet)]
Agricultural bags: [Vegetable bags (cucumber, burdock, leek, and chive)/Bags for rice in husks]
Thermal insulation tubes for ridges [Hot multi-purpose]
Manufacturing standard tables

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