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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:48

Aqua lmpulse Corporation

Development and sales of water treatment systems (seawater, brackish water, freshwater, waste water, for aquaculture) and Aqua Filter devices.

We develop and design products such as ship-related equipment, seawater detoxication equipment, water treatment equipment that aids marine biological environments, and environmental water treatment products. We have developed a compact mechanical filtration device (the Aqua Filter) and a device for treating harmful creatures in artificially grown seeds and seedlings for aquaculture (Aqua Fresher), and we are engaged in an industry-academia collaboration with Tohoku University. 

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Product introduction
Aqua Fresher AF-1
An innovative device that can exterminate minute crustaceans such as copepods using just the power of water and without the use of any chemicals. 
It is effective when seeding for aquaculture and harvesting the seedlings.

These minute crustaceans, which are harmful to production of artificial seedlings for oceanic aquaculture, cause serious damage.  There has been no effective way to exterminate these creatures until now. "Aqua Fresher AF-1" by AQUA IMPULSE is an innovative device that enables extermination of harmful creatures simply by installing it into the water flow system of artificial seedling production facilities.  It is a system that destroys minute crustaceans using the power of water as a principle. It is a device that was developed through joint research with Tohoku University. 
Aqua Filter
Cleaning the invisible world.  
Innovative filtering devices that can be used in any situation.  

It is an unprecedented mechanical filtering system that produced no toxicity toward living organisms during biogenetic testing, and it can maintain its smallest filtering precision at 6μm.  It is capable of continuing to filter during backwash, and it only requires 30 to 60 seconds for backwashing. (*This changes depending on how dirty it is.) It is made of trustworthy SUS316L, and being 1/30 the size of existing filtering devices, its design is compact.  It is an innovative mechanical filtering system that can also be used for waste water treatment. 


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