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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:43

Kanto Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

The best partner who can help you develop plastic products

We help you all the way through the plastic product development process. We can take care of everything for you, including trial manufacture of new products, design and manufacture of molds, production of molded articles in any quantities (from small-batch production to mass production), and design/manufacture of secondary work facilities.

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We help you through the plastic product development process.
Design and manufacture of molds
Our support begins from as early as the design phase.
The design and manufacture of molds for injection molding and blow molding are undertaken at our domestic plants. (Our plant in Indonesia can produce molds for vacuum molding, in addition to those for injection molding and blow molding.)

High-precision facilities that enable quick delivery and reduced costs
We own a six-axis machining center for producing mid- to large-sized molds.

Capability to produce molds for large products
We have produced molds for products as large as 2 m.
We own a mobile laser welder, TL-200, which allows us to weld large nested articles and bases.

Capability to respond to urgent requests for design changes and repair of molds
In addition to our own production bases in Kanto, Tokyo, Kyushu, and Indonesia, we have many partners inside and outside the country, allowing us to provide reliable maintenance services to customers who have purchased our molds.
Production of molded articles
We can produce molded articles in any quantities, even in small batches (even though many manufacturers of molded articles do not accept orders for small-batch production).

Support that extends from product conception all the way to completion
As a group of professionals specializing in the development of plastic products, we propose plans that can best meet the requirements and conditions of our customers.

Happy to accommodate orders for any quantities, including prototype production and small-batch production
In addition to producing molded articles in large quantities, we also accommodate orders for prototype production and small-batch production (that is, production of machined articles, articles created by a 3D printer, or cast articles).
Because we have our own injection machines, we can smoothly respond to any requests from our customers.

Capability to respond to various requests
We own injection machines of various sizes, including 180-ton, 450-ton, 650-ton, 850-ton, 1,300-ton, and 1,800-ton injection machines that can be used for trial production as well as mass production.
If the products our customers need require the use of injection machines of sizes and techniques that we do not possess, we have many partners inside and outside the country who can help us deliver the products our customers need.
We make proposals that best suit our customers' requirements in terms of size and quantity of products and the desired costs.
Design and manufacture of processing machines and collaborative robots
Our processing machine business most vividly embodies our business concept of "delivering injection/blow molding production technology to our customers".

This business is about designing and manufacturing a special labor-saving processing machine that automates the processes that follow blow molding, such as "deburring", "cutting", "hole punching", and "machining", as well as other processes such as "welding", "assembly", and "inspection" of injection-molded articles.

By utilizing our experience and expert knowledge in the field of blow molding and injection molding, we propose a production system that best suits our customers' needs by automating processes that usually require manual labor.

For blow-molded articles
Bag-cutting & hole-punching machine for ducts
Bag cutting & inside-diameter/outside diameter grinding machine for hoses
Large burr press for molded articles
Secondary cooling machine for molded articles
Machine that cuts the top surface of the tank where a cap is to be fitted
Press for making handles of luggage boards or the like
Speed nut inserting machine for ducts

For injection-molded articles
Hot plate welding machine for tanks or other similar articles
Leakage inspection machine for tanks or other similar articles
Cap fitting machine for tanks or other similar articles
Collar press fitting machine for tanks and ducts
Clip inserting machine for tanks and ducts

For both blow-molded and injection-molded articles
Parts assembling machine
Ultrasonic welding machine for ducts and front grilles
Routing out machine (machine that cuts out shapes) for ducts and front grilles
Image inspection machine that checks for missing parts or irregularities in shape



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