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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:23

Ryushin Industry Co.,Ltd.

Pioneer in fluidizing coating

As a pioneer in the fluidizing coating method, we apply plastic coating to various metal parts and materials for added value. In addition, we conduct the planning, manufacturing, and sales of “Ryucoat Steel Pipes” (prefabricated steel pipes), our specialty product and “development of OEM products,” which is the third pillar of our main businesses which are realized using the technologies we have acquired over many years and by utilizing our network of cooperating companies.

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Nylon coating
What is nylon coating?
It is an environmentally-friendly resin made from castor oil as its base material. It is used widely around the world. With more than 50 years of history since its development, it is a reliable resin.
Applying appropriate pre-processing and processing procedures, it is possible to retain excellent properties, such as very high adhesion, corrosion resistance in seawater, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, noise reduction, insulation, weather resistance, alkali resistance, low-temperature impact resistance, chemical resistance, and resistance to flex fatigue and rust prevention, for a long time.
With the coating thickness of approximately 250–500 μ, (fluidizing coating method), it has various superior properties, and it is used in automotive-related purposes, wet areas, civil engineering and construction, architectural hardware, and other purposes.
For further added value, we can mix foaming agents with our Nylon 11 at our Nara factory, so that its texture improves, and also mix antimicrobial.
Characteristics of Nylon coating
It boasts various excellent properties, even compared with other types of resin we handle.
It is a resin material that conforms to the Food Sanitation Act, and can be used for drink water pipes. It is a surface treatment method that is very hygienic and harmless to human body.
Application examples
Insulation flange: Nylon coating is applied to prevent corrosion of the part for connecting pipes made of different metal materials.

Bulbs and strainers specified for various pipes: Nylon coating is applied to metal parts and materials for improved corrosion resistance.

Safety belts: Nylon coating is applied to the parts through which the belts are threaded for stronger wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Rails: Nylon coating is applied to improve designability and the grip feel.
PVC coating (PVC coating)
What is PVC coating (PVC coating)?
Hearing the term “PVC coating,” many picture dipping (immersing metal in the tank filled with soft PVC gel and apply heating for subsequent cooling). However, we use the fluidizing coating method for PVC coating (semi-hard PVC coating) instead.
As we manufacture PVC powder (vinyl chloride powder) at our Nara factory, it is our original product.
Characteristics of PVC coating (PVC coating)
As Soft PVC (soft vinyl chloride) contains substantial amount of plasticizer, bleeding occurs from UV exposure if it is used outside. Our PVC resin (vinyl chloride resin) is a half-hard PVC (semirigid vinyl chloride), and its good weather resistance property enables its use outside.
Similar to Nylon 11, its adhesion with metals is strong, so it does not peel easily.
As we manufacture everything in-house from powder, we can meet our customers’ requests, such as improvement of weather resistance and texture. 
PVC coating (PVC coating) processing range
Among large objects, we can process anything that can enter the flow tank whose diameter is 1m x 4.0 m.
As we also have large automatic line facilities, we can process mass-produced goods.

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