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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:59

ADVAN ENG. co., ltd.

We own state-of-the-art industrial furnaces for novel materials such as carbon, ceramics and semiconductors, which can provide solutions to our customers' problems.

We are an engineering company that mainly operates industrial furnace plants. We provide added value to our customers by using our advanced engineering skills to create things that cannot be found anywhere else in this world.
We provide a comprehensive industrial furnace solution (ranging from the development of a model to the delivery of the entire production facility) that can meet the new business themes of our customers.

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Sales Pitch

Product/technical summary, etc.
Product description
New materials: Graphite heat treatment furnace, ceramics heat treatment furnace, high-temperature vacuum furnace, high-pressure atmosphere furnace, hot press
Steel/machinery, heat treatment: Quenching/tempering/normalizing/annealing furnaces, carburizing/nitriding furnaces, sintering furnace, rolling and heating furnace, forging and heating furnace
Non-ferrous metals: Aluminum solution heat treating/aging furnace, magnesium alloy heating furnace
Automation technology: Automated materials handling and transportation, robotically operated materials handling and transportation, automatic production system linked with a higher-order system
Environmental plant: Incineration plant, industrial waste-related facilities, various work (design and construction) related to refractories, environment improvement work, demolition of dormant facilities
Sales business: Sales of refractories, control devices, and heating appliances
Analysis/simulation technology
Analysis/simulation technology: Simulation using "ANSYS" that is based on the finite element method (FEM) and our original know-how on the combination of fluid analysis, heat-transfer analysis, and structural analysis allow us to plan and design highly novel projects.
Message from the president
Our company name ADVAN ENG is short for Advanced Engineering. It reflects our strong commitment to constantly deliver advanced engineering solutions. Our company emblem contains two colors: blue and red. Blue signifies endless possibilities, whereas red signifies our passion to create an extensive network. As a new era unfolds, we are determined to utilize all available resources to provide industrial furnaces that can better serve the needs of various organizations, satisfy our customers, and contribute to the betterment of our society.

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