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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:59

nicot Co.,Ltd.

We plan and sell processed foods based on ingredients from Niigata.

As a distributor specializing in products from Niigata, we propose products for retailers, mail-order services, home delivery services, canteens, and many other types of businesses.

We are good at developing original products as well.

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Main products, services, and technologies
Whole-dried squids
[Our number one best seller]

We trade whole-dried squids, which attract a very high percentage of repeat purchasers.

Squids grown in the wild waves of the Sea of Japan are appropriately salted and dried with their intestines and squid ink intact. They are irresistible to alcohol lovers.

The slight bitterness makes the flavor of the squids stand out. They are given a mild taste by mineral-rich salt.
Crab paste in shells with the intestines of homegrown red snow crabs in them
[Our new original product]

It is based on red snow crab from the Sea of Japan. Our customers are extremely pleased with it, saying it is sweet and delicious.

We do not add anything to the crab miso paste to expand it, so you can enjoy the original flavor of red snow crabs.

We process the crab miso paste by hand. Each item is carefully made. Although red snow crabs have a high water content and are hard to thaw, we work to minimize the amount of dripping.

Our outstandingly delicious best seller is sure to tempt you to enjoy more drinks!

Our product is used by high class Japanese restaurants, hotels, inns, Japanese food shops, seafood shops, fresh fish shops, sushi shops, and numerous other restaurants and bars. 

Designed to highlight the taste of the base material itself, the product attracts numerous customers. Although it is small in size, once you have tried it, you will find it to be tasty, incomparable to anything else similar that consists of crab miso paste expanded with abundant quantities of additives, leaving you with only a little crab meat. 

This is a product that we recommend as it will surely make customers happy. Please give it a try.
We also plan and develop other local products.
We plan local foods, mainly those from Niigata. 

We also develop original products as well. So, if you need to have a product that no one can find anywhere else, please contact us.

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