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Latest update: 03/10/2020 07:28:03

Daimatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Do you have concerns regarding coating? Please trust us with these.

For more than 50 years, our company has cultivated specialist coating technology in our main business, the general coating of industrial products.

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Daimatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.’s strengths
It is responsive!
As we have multiple production lines with different setups, we are able to consider the requirements of our various customers and offer coating using the most suitable method for their requirements.

[Small-lot support]
As we have special production lines that can support small production lots, we can handle small lot production and prototypes at short notice.
[High-mix-lot support]
We prioritize general-purpose use for our production equipment given that we have been involved in the production and development of a wide variety of products to date.
In addition, because we have various processing machines in-house for machine processing, and we can support the manufacture of jigs, equipment in-house at short notice, we are able to flexibly support new projects.
[Difficult processing]
We have a proven track record in creating new processing methods.
[Large lots]
We are always capable of supporting production of large lots in the tens of thousands of units per month.
We’re big-boned.
[To reduce the burden on the environment]
We strive to reduce our environmental burden with measures such as installing energy-efficient equipment and recycling in-house waste.
[Persistence of human resources]
We changed our representative in 2018, implying that we have no concerns about business succession for the decades to come.
In addition, employees who can work for a long time are employed as is, and the young generation are currently active in leadership; therefore, there are no concerns about business succession, which has become a trending topic in recent years.
[Persistence of facilities]
Regarding hardware, most of the production equipment that we use is made in-house; therefore, we are familiar with its maintenance and can recover with minimal downtime in the event of any issues.
We sustain long relationships with our customers.
We have many customers who have been with us for decades.
We also have many employees who have worked for us for decades.
We even have a number of parents and their children, i.e., two generations of one family, working for us.

At Daimatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd., we value long-term partnerships with both employees and customers.

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