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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:49

Iwanami Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

Delivering good products to our customers in a timely manner. We have the skills and expertise to manufacture such products.

We machine and correct various types of diamond wheels, including core drills used to bevel or drill holes on plate glasses.
Our corporate mission is to think like our customers. Our strength lies in our flexibility to meet the specifications that are appropriate to a specific purpose or environment, through careful discussion with our customers regarding their requirements and issues.

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Diamond wheels
We can quickly deliver repaired diamond wheels to our customers.
We reorganize our production lines for machining different items and readjust the operation flow of our production lines on a daily basis, which is why we can fulfill our customers' orders for super quick delivery.
This means that our customers do not need to hold extra stock, freeing them from the potential adverse effects of holding excess stock.
Flexible response to requests for change of shape
We respond flexibly to requests for change of wheel shape to suit a specific use or to make the wheel more usable.
Through careful discussion with our customers, we produce and deliver products that can truly satisfy our customers.

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