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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:48

e-Valley Co.,Ltd.

We are a company that supports development, production, and business reform in the three fields of machinery, electrical and electronics, and software

Under the concept of "technical support from all directions," we provide total services including development support, production support, and operational reform support in the three fields of machinery, electrical and electronics, and software. 

We have a track record in automotive, industrial equipment, and aviation-related fields, and we also develop original products.

We will all work together to build optimal solutions to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

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Business contents
Technical assistance
Our engineers are stationed directly at your site in the three technical fields of machinery, electrical/electronics, and software to provide technical support for development, production, and business reform.

We select optimal staff to meet your needs, and to be deeply involved in various operations as members of your project teams through efficient development and design.

Please contact us if you have any problems, such as a project that is difficult to outsource or when you need an engineer with special advanced skills.
Contract development
In the three technical fields of machinery, electrical/electronics, and software, we are extensively involved in a series of operations in Monozukuri craftsmanship with our advanced technical capabilities, including drafting (CAD), board design, fabrication, component mounting, embedded control design, and software creation.

In particular, we provide one-stop services from design to manufacturing for inspection equipment and jigs.

We are committed to being a company that can reach the areas where you have bothersome issues by manufacturing jigs at the prototype stage, manufacturing prototype boards and prototype machines, developing various kinds of software, small-lot production, single items, and more.

Please contact us if you have any problems in product conception, element development, or product development, such as wanting to make something specific but not having enough technical resources, or wanting to entrust work to us from the specification stage.
Research and development
We are a group of engineers who take pride in our technology. We have the desire to constantly improve our technical capabilities, and develop products that are useful to our customers.

This desire has led to the creation of original products such as inspection equipment and forestry robots through our in-house product development business.

In particular, we are focusing on the robotics field, which requires all-round technologies in mechanical, electrical/electronic, and software engineering, as a field in which we can make use of all our resources.
Areas handled
Design of various automatic machines, testing equipment, and inspection jigs

(1) Features and strengths
Design and manufacturing of prototypes, single-item inspection jigs, etc.
Improved efficiency and automation of production lines
Collaboration between circuit design and one-stop services for software development and mechatronics development such as robotics
We can also support design and manufacturing of one-of-a-kind inspection jigs, housings, and resins

(2) Main business contents
Development and design of industrial machinery
Development and design of automation equipment and labor-saving equipment
Power wiring design and communication design for semiconductor production equipment
Design and manufacturing of prototypes, jigs, etc.
Preparation of presentation data and operation simulations
Design and manufacturing of housings and jigs for various types of equipment

(3) Main design achievements
Conveyor equipment and product production lines
(various conveyors, loaders, unloaders, stockers, pallet changers, traversers, etc.)
Automatic assembly machines and special-purpose machine tools
Testing and evaluation equipment
Inspection jigs and processing jigs
Automotive plastic molding parts
Jig parts for evaluation
Drone photography equipment
Inspection equipment
Electrical and electronics
Design of various analog and digital circuits.

(1) Features and strengths
Selection of components and microcontrollers according to specifications and requirements
One-stop service from specification design to circuit design, board design, and production evaluation
A wide range of services from design of various inspection devices and embedded control boards to prototyping of products
We have a track record in developing robot control boards, sensor circuits, and more

(2) Main business contents
Development support for amusement equipment
Open-short inspection equipment
Fan control equipment
High-voltage generators
Impedance measurement devices

(3) Main design achievements
Decorative illumination drive board design
Decorative illumination board design
Motor drive board design
Relay board design
Control board design
DC/DC board design
I/F board design
Housing design
Harness design
High-voltage control boards
Power supply board design
Heater drive boards
Electronic circuit design for PC peripherals
Processing circuit design for automotive sensors
Design of various jigs
Inspection equipment
Creation of embedded software and PC applications.

(1) Features and strengths
We offer optimal specifications for your needs. We make full use of embedded control and PC applications, and in the case of control equipment, we can provide total support for both device and PC side software.
We can handle a variety of microcontrollers, development languages, and operating systems.

(2) Main business contents
Amusement equipment evaluation equipment
Printer evaluation equipment
Generator control equipment
Exhaust gas treatment equipment
ECU (Electronic Control Unit) checkers
Electric power equipment system development
Motor control development
Microcomputer simulation software development (FPGA verification work)
Robot control development (FPGA verification work)
Robot control development (FPGA verification work)
Inspection equipment
Originally developed products
e-NeIRO is a results-oriented learning kit for embedded software engineers in the early stages of learning, which uses an electronic organ as the subject matter.

You can learn basic knowledge, and also how to work with it.
Safely and efficiently carry out dangerous, time-consuming pruning work.
Our company will continue to contribute to the protection of Japan's rich forests and the preservation of the country's land.
We achieve generalization by integrating the resources required for robot control into a single board.

This is our company's original board, which can be used for a wide range of applications such as R&D and prototyping.

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Chubu Head Office, SMRJ

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