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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:43

Sheena Orchids Co.Ltd

We produce and sell our original varieties of phalaenopsis orchids.

We sell our original varieties of strong and beautiful phalaenopsis orchids to our customers throughout Japan as well as to overseas producers. The "Micro-phalaenopsis" is our originally bred palm-sized variety of phalaenopsis that is gaining popularity among our clients as wonderful promotional gifts. We offer various solutions that help people enjoy life with flowers in various settings.

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Sales Pitch

BtoC (Business to Customer) sale of Original Midi and Micro- phalaenopsis (for clients from outside our industry)
A new business model. Proposal of a system that enables clients from outside our industry to make a profit through flower decorations.
We propose a business model where beautiful flower decorations (with the kinds of flowers that are seldom used for decoration by clients from outside our industry) are used to sell a "situation".
"Waiting time" and "open spaces (in stores, etc.)" at the points and channels of sales are two aspects that have never been regarded as great opportunities for sales expansion. We focus on these two aspects and make effective use of them to create a new B2C business model that targets a new individual customer segment with strong buying power.
We propose a sales strategy that optimizes the great merchantability and features of flowers that make for wonderful interior decoration and boost our spirits. This business model does not involve us directly selling flowers to our client (that is, a client from outside our industry) through our outlet store. Instead, we use our client's store (or other establishments) as a "starting point of sale". Specifically, we supply (sell) flowers to our client (that is, a "starting point of sale") who uses them to decorate their store. A customer visiting the store can purchase flowers from us by using the QR codes attached to the flowers as a gateway to placing an order with us. When the order is fulfilled, the client receives a portion of sales as an incentive.
When a customer purchases flowers from us through a certain store (a "starting point of sale") for the first time, the store code gets linked to the customer data. In this way, each time the same customer places a repeat order with us, the store receives a similar incentive. For details, please use the following link to access a web page where you can find a PDF file with more information.
BtoC sale from your own website
More and more people these days purchase flowers on the Internet. Loss from holding excess inventory can be eliminated by having a farmer directly deliver the ordered flowers to the customer through us. If you have your online store on Rakuten or Amazon, or if you are looking for new products to sell, please contact us and tell us what you need.
[Example] Company A (a dealer from outside our industry) created a web page for selling our flowers. On Mother's Day alone, which is the top day of the year for demand for flowers, the company succeeded in selling 8 million yen (at wholesale prices) worth of flowers.
Just register with us as a corporate customer, and you can purchase phalaenopsis orchids from us at wholesale prices.
By registering with us through our website, you can purchase phalaenopsis orchids (including a set of three phalaenopsis orchids that is particularly popular among our corporate customers and a pot of phalaenopsis orchids that is often used as a gift to celebrate the opening of a store) at reasonable prices. Basically, the invoice for the current month is to be paid by the end of the following month.



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