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Integrated business development from upstream to downstream in the road paving business

Our core business is straight asphalt for paving, and we also manufacture and sell secondary products such as modified asphalt, asphalt mix, asphalt emulsion, and so on. We also handle businesses including paving works, our own distribution system, technical support, and quality control support. We make use of our know-how about asphalt to meet your requirements promply as a total coordinator.

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Straight asphalt
Bituminous material obtained after crude oil is subjected to atmospheric or vacuum distillation or other process to remove the light content.

Modified asphalt
Asphalt that has been made stronger and more durable by uniformly dispersing and dissolving a thermoplastic elastomer or other material in it.

Asphalt emulsion
A brownish-brown liquid made from small particles of asphalt dispersed in water, used for road construction by spraying at room temperature or mixing with stones.

Asphalt mixture
Asphalt mixture is a material consisting of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler, and asphalt mixed in a specified proportion.
Shoreki Asphalt Container System
In areas where it is difficult to supply asphalt by tank lorry, drums have been used to supply asphalt. However, supplying asphalt in drums has its own issues such as safety, economic efficiency, and above all, environmental pollution caused by waste drums.

To solve these problems, our company has developed a new supply system that integrates a container and a kettle. Today, our system is being used for large-scale projects such as the construction of airfields on remote islands in the Okinawa region, the Tokyo Izu Islands, and other remote islands.

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