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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:08

Sekimoto Seimen Seifun Kojo Co.,Ltd.

At Sekimoto, we develop our products with a focus on customers and constantly carry out trial and error over and over, continuing our research until we reach the results that satisfy us. 

Through our unique technology and our know-how based on many years of experience, we have managed to maintain this satisfaction.

Because of this, Sekimoto has Tama Udon (Ball of Udon) and other long-sellers, totaling to about ten items that have lasted for more than ten years. They are still supported by numerous consumers.

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Main products
Tama Udon (Ball of Udon) 
This representative product of Sekimoto is a long seller. It has a round cross section and is characterized by its slippery texture.
One helping of raw Chinese noodles
Thin, standard Chinese noodles. They are also suited for being served cold.

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