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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:11


While other companies have achieved results by combining the electronic and machine technologies, our company is capable of development and design that combines these elements with chemical technology. Moreover, we have a wide range of processing equipment in-house, and we also have many skilled staff who are operating experts. This implies that we can perform most of the processing that is necessary for prototype making; therefore, we require extremely short lead times to move from development to trial manufacturing. 

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Main products/services/technologies
Conductive plastic potentiometer
The surface is flattened by integrally molding the conductive pattern part and the base equipment. It is used for various squareness sensors. 
IR cut filter
It is an absorption-type IR cut filter made in resin that cuts near infrared light and lets visible lights through. 
Technologies and products available for provision to other companies
We possess manufacturing technology for ink that uses polymers, solvents, and fillers and manufacturing technology that includes the characteristics of piezoelectric polymer film.  We also possess the material design ability to select the ideal materials for the capacity required from electronic parts and other products, and material processing technology that can maximize the features of these materials.  Furthermore, as we manufacture various elements, we are capable of working with processing technology for tiny parts and perform development/design of various sensors. 

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