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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:53

Heat Rock Industry Co., Ltd.

In the area of civil engineering and construction, we are actively involved in research and development in construction methods. We hope to continue to provide society with environmentally adapted and resource-saving products that are not limited by existing concepts or the imitation of foreign techniques. 

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Main products/services/technologies
Buried type expansion and contraction devices (seamless joint method)
Seamless Joint is an embedded type expansion device for bridges that comprises a simple joint frame mechanism that enables continuous paving of road surfaces and highly durable and elastic paving materials that have the same characteristics as the front and rear paving.  As it has superior road safety, quietness, waterproofing, and maintainability, it is widely used in measures to protect the environment next to roads and in lifespan extension of bridges. 
"Falcon HR series" premixed granular mixture 
Falcon is an on-site heat-melting type high-durability paving material that is manufactured by hot-mixing a special viscoelastic binder and a high quality aggregate at a dedicated plant, and then granulating it using our unique technology.  Falcon is packed in bags, and only the necessary amount is heated and melted on-site, which means it does not produce excess material (waste).  Moreover, a construction method that uses Falcon called "FC (Falcon) mechanization method" was certified as a "Made in Niigata Platinum Technology" in October 2012. 
Technologies and products available for provision to other companies
Continuous paving technology for bridges and joints in roads/labor-saving paving technology for high-function special paving materials and brightly colored paving materials/maintenance and management methods for road surfaces using labor saving machines and on-site recycling technology with existing paving materials. 

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